fear not; navigating this emotional battlefield requires finesse and tact so you know what you should not say to your girlfriend.
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12 Things Not Say To Your Girlfriend

Missteps are inevitable in the complex dance of relationships, often leading to verbal landmines detonating amid seemingly innocuous conversations. It’s that split-second when a harmless comment morphs into a full-blown conflict, leaving you bewildered in the aftermath. But fear not; navigating this emotional battlefield requires finesse and tact so you know what you should not say to your girlfriend.

So, here’s a curated list of delicate conversational taboos — a blueprint for preserving harmony and sidestepping the treacherous pitfalls of communication with your beloved. These are the unspoken rules, the whispered warnings, the forbidden utterances that should never escape your lips in the presence of your girlfriend.

12 Things You Should Not Say To Your Girlfriend

Not To Say Your Girlfriend 1: Why don’t you go to the gym?

Let’s delve into the murky waters of unsolicited body commentary, where a seemingly innocent remark can transform into a minefield of insecurity. The insidious phrase, “You need to go to the gym,” tiptoes dangerously close to a volatile truth: the unspoken desire for physical improvement. Whether your partner resembles a willowy reed or boasts the strength of a titan, mentioning the gym can ignite a dormant fuse of self-doubt.

In this era of body positivity and self-love campaigns, even the slightest suggestion of bodily imperfection can reverberate like a thunderclap. Deep down, we all harbour secret aspirations for refinement, clandestine wishes to sculpt our forms into idealised versions. Yet, when confronted with the blunt assessment of a naked truth, vulnerabilities quiver beneath the surface.

Consider the delicate balance of body image and desire. Your partner’s silhouette may not align with conventional standards, but within those curves and contours lies a story of self-acceptance and resilience. So, when the dreaded weight-related lament emerges, resist the urge to offer unsolicited advice.

Instead, embrace subtler methods of encouragement, hinting at shared activities or intimate endeavours that promote wellness without igniting the powder keg of insecurity. After all, in the realm of love, support speaks volumes louder than unsolicited critiques.

Not Say To Your Girlfriend 2: Does size matter?

The age-old question has sparked debates and fueled insecurities for generations: “Does size matter?” The resounding consensus? Well, it’s a bit more nuanced than a simple yes or no.

Indeed, for some women, size does hold significance, a tangible factor in the intricate dance of desire. Yet, amidst the myriad preferences and biases that shape individual pleasure, one universal truth emerges: it’s not just about the dimensions but what you do with them.

Whether your anatomy resembles a modest pencil or boasts proportions that could rival mythical legends, the key lies not in mere measurements but in the art of intimacy and connection. Understanding your partner’s desires and unravelling their pleasure map’s intricacies is where true satisfaction resides.

Forget the myth of one-size-fits-all satisfaction. Instead, embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, delving into your partner’s desires. Whether it’s a subtle touch or a passionate embrace, the path to ecstasy is paved with attentiveness and ardour.

So, does size matter? Perhaps. But what truly matters is the dedication to unlocking boundless pleasure, one intimate moment at a time.

Not Say To Your Girlfriend 3: Is that what you’re wearing?

The perilous terrain of sartorial commentary is where innocent queries can swiftly transform into verbal grenades, leaving behind a trail of shattered egos and slammed doors. Brace yourself, for if you dare utter the infamous phrase, “Is that what you’re wearing?” be prepared to weather a storm of epic proportions.

In the intricate tapestry of female fashion, every garment is meticulously chosen, and every accessory is carefully curated to compose a symphony of style. To question such sartorial decisions is to tread upon thin ice, risking an avalanche of indignation and resentment.

Consider the hours devoted to selecting the perfect ensemble and the meticulous attention paid to every detail. Did she raise an eyebrow when you sported that flamboyant Hawaiian shirt to an expensive restaurant? Or when you boldly donned your Miami Vice-inspired suit to her best friend’s wedding? Likely not. For women possess a keen sense of discernment, a subtle artistry in navigating the delicate nuances of fashion.

So, before you judge her chosen attire, remember the golden rule: discretion is the better part of valour. Instead, marvel at her innate elegance, bask in the radiance of her confidence, and perhaps quietly mourn the mysterious disappearance of your once-beloved Hawaiian shirt or Miami Vice suit.

Not Say To Your Girlfriend 4: My ex would…

Innocent musings can swiftly morph into landmines of insecurity, detonating trust and igniting flames of doubt. Enter the treacherous territory of reminiscing about exes, where a seemingly innocuous remark can unravel the delicate fabric of a relationship.

To utter the fateful words, “My ex would…” is to invite chaos into the sanctum of intimacy, to cast shadows of doubt upon the present by romanticising the past. For in those whispered recollections lies a silent indictment, an implicit suggestion that perhaps the grass was greener on the other side.

But beware, for such reflections carry weight far beyond mere nostalgia. To compare one’s current partner to the spectre of former flames is to cast judgment upon the foundation of your relationship, to question its validity and worth.

Consider the implications of your words, the wounds they may inflict upon the tender heart of your beloved. For in the echo of those comparisons lies the insidious insinuation of inadequacy, the haunting spectre of unworthiness.

So, before you tread upon the minefield of ex-talk, pause and reflect upon the true essence of your affection. Embrace your partner’s uniqueness, cherish the moments you share, and, above all, extinguish the flames of doubt with the steadfast flame of devotion. For in the end, it is not the shadows of the past that define us, but the light of love that guides us.

Not Say To Your Girlfriend 5: How many guys have you slept with?

Ah, the infamous inquiry lurks in the shadows of curiosity, poised to unravel the delicate tapestry of intimacy with its probing gaze: “How many guys have you slept with?” Brace yourself, for beneath the veneer of innocent curiosity lies a storm of emotions waiting to be unleashed. You will soon wish that this was something you knew not say to your girlfriend.

Consider the weight of such a question, the Pandora’s box of insecurities it threatens to unleash. For within the confines of intimate history lie the ghosts of lovers past, a spectral gallery of former flames whose mere mention can cast shadows upon the present.

To enquire about one’s sexual history is to tiptoe through a minefield of sensitivities, where the veil of discretion often obscures the truth. Indeed, she may offer a carefully curated account, a selective narrative designed to assuage fears and preserve delicate egos.

Yet, beneath the surface lies a deeper truth, a silent understanding that some truths are better left unspoken. For in the realm of male fantasies, the spectre of past lovers looms large, casting shadows of doubt upon the sanctity of the present.

So, before you venture into the labyrinth of sexual inquiry, pause and consider the implications of your words. Embrace the mystery of her past, cherish the intimacy of the present, and above all, recognise that some truths are best left unsaid in the fragile dance of love and desire.

Not Say To Your Girlfriend 6: How about a threesome?

A forbidden fantasy that simmers beneath the surface of many a relationship, whispering its seductive promises of novelty and excitement. But beware, for what may seem like harmless curiosity can swiftly transform into a Pandora’s box of jealousy and insecurity.

To broach the subject of a threesome is to tiptoe through a minefield of emotions, risking the fragile equilibrium of trust and intimacy. The unspoken question lies in the shadow of that proposition: “Am I not enough for you?”

Consider the implications of your words and the seismic shift they may trigger in the dynamic of your relationship. To suggest including another in your intimate embrace is to risk unravelling the delicate threads of exclusivity and commitment.

Indeed, she may entertain the idea with a playful smile or a raised eyebrow, but beneath the surface lurks a storm of emotions waiting to be unleashed. For in the realm of sexual exploration, the line between fantasy and reality is often blurred, leaving behind a wake of hurt and betrayal.

So, before you venture into the treacherous waters of threesome talk, tread carefully and consider the ramifications of your desires. Embrace the intimacy of your bond, cherish your unique connection, and remember, some fantasies are best left unspoken in the sanctity of love’s embrace.!

Not Say To Your Girlfriend 7: Why are you so emotional?

A question that dances delicately on the precipice of misunderstanding and misinterpretation is often fraught with implications, reflecting the differing emotional landscapes that define the human experience.

Indeed, the terrain of emotion is as varied and complex as the colours of a sunset, shaped by myriad factors, including biology, upbringing, and societal expectations. Women, in particular, are often portrayed as the emotional architects of the human experience, their hearts wearing proudly on their sleeves.

But let us not fall prey to oversimplified stereotypes. Emotion, in all its raw intensity, knows no gender bounds. Men and women alike navigate the tumultuous seas of feeling, each in their unique way.

Blessed with a capacity for empathy and intuition, women often find solace in embracing emotion, expressing themselves with a depth and nuance that defies explanation. From tears shed in response to heart-wrenching tales of suffering to laughter that bubbles forth like a spring of joy, their emotional landscape is rich and vibrant, a testament to the beauty of the human spirit.

So, pause and appreciate the depth of feeling within her when your beloved succumbs to the sway of emotion, when tears flow like rivers, and laughter fills the air. For in those moments of vulnerability lies the essence of her humanity, a tapestry of emotion woven with threads of passion and sensitivity.

Not Say To Your Girlfriend 8: Are you PMS-ing?

The precarious precipice of attributing mood swings and disagreements to the elusive spectre of PMS is a tempting scapegoat for the tumultuous seas of emotions that ebb and flow within the human psyche. But beware, for to utter the fateful question is to flirt with danger, dancing perilously close to the edge of a volcanic eruption of anger.

Indeed, it may seem like an easy explanation, a convenient excuse to rationalise the storm clouds gathering on the horizon. Yet, to reduce the complexity of human emotion to a mere hormonal imbalance is to overlook the intricacies of the human experience.

Consider the implications of your words, the sting they may leave upon the tender heart of your beloved. For in the heat of the moment, to insinuate that her feelings are merely a byproduct of biology is to diminish the validity of her emotions, to dismiss the validity of her experience.

So, before you cast blame upon the fickle whims of hormones, pause and reflect upon the true source of discord. Embrace the complexity of human emotion, cherish the depth of feeling that binds you, and above all, remember that understanding and empathy are the keys to weathering the storms of love.

Not Say To Your Girlfriend 9: Have you ever thought about getting a boob job?

The minefield of body image enquiries is where innocent curiosity can swiftly transform into a battlefield of insecurities and self-doubt. To broach the subject of cosmetic enhancements is to tiptoe through a labyrinth of delicate sensibilities, risking the fragile equilibrium of self-esteem and acceptance.

Indeed, the implications of such a question reverberate far beyond the surface, echoing the unspoken fears and anxieties that lurk within the recesses of the mind. For in the shadow of such inquiries lies the implicit suggestion that one’s natural form is somehow inadequate, unworthy of acceptance and appreciation.

Consider the weight of your words and the impact they may have upon the tender heart of your beloved. To suggest alterations to her physical appearance is to undermine the essence of her being and cast doubt upon the beauty within.

So, before you venture into the treacherous waters of cosmetic inquiries, pause and reflect upon the trustworthy source of your desires. Embrace the uniqueness of her form, cherish the beauty that radiates from within, and above all, remember that love transcends physical perfection, finding its most authentic expression in acceptance and adoration.

Not Say To Your Girlfriend 10: You’re just like your mother.

Familial comparisons are where innocent remarks can swiftly transform into landmines of resentment and insecurity. To utter the phrase, “You’re just like your mother,” is to navigate a delicate balance between homage and insult, threading the needle of familial dynamics with caution and tact.

Indeed, mothers hold a sacred place in the hearts of their children, their influence shaping the very fabric of identity and character. Yet, to draw parallels between your beloved and her maternal figure is to tread upon hallowed ground, risking the sanctity of the mother-daughter bond.

Consider the implications of your words, the echoes they may awaken within the depths of her soul. For in the shadow of such comparisons lies the unspoken fear of falling short, of failing to live up to the legacy of maternal greatness.

So, before you venture into familial analogies, pause and reflect upon the true intent behind your words. Embrace the uniqueness of your beloved, celebrate the traits that make her who she is, and above all, remember that comparisons to family members, no matter how well-intentioned, carry weight far beyond the surface.

Not Say To Your Girlfriend 11: You’re overreacting.

Ah, the delicate dance of emotional validation, where words can soothe or inflame the fires of discord. To dismiss your girlfriend’s emotional response as an overreaction minimises the validity of her feelings, casting doubt upon the legitimacy of her experience. It’s akin to dousing a flame with gasoline, intensifying the emotional turmoil rather than quelling it.

In moments of heightened emotion, practising active listening and empathy is crucial. Rather than hastily brushing off her feelings, take the time to understand the root of her emotions and validate her experience. By acknowledging her feelings as valid and worthy of consideration, you demonstrate respect for her perspective and foster a sense of trust and understanding in the relationship.

Remember, emotional validation is the cornerstone of effective communication and connection. You lay the groundwork for meaningful dialogue and mutual respect in your relationship by showing empathy and validating your girlfriend’s emotions.

Not Say To Your Girlfriend 12: You’re being too sensitive.

Dismissing someone’s emotions as excessive or unwarranted. When you tell your girlfriend she’s being “too sensitive,” you’re delegitimising her feelings and implying that her emotional responses are out of proportion or unnecessary. It’s akin to placing a value judgment on her emotions, suggesting that they are somehow inferior or invalid.

Instead of brushing off her sensitivity, it’s essential to recognise and respect the depth of her emotions. Everyone experiences and processes feelings differently, and what may seem insignificant to you could be deeply meaningful to her. Acknowledging and validating her sensitivity creates a space where she feels heard, understood, and accepted.

Rather than dismissing her emotions, practice active listening and empathy. Seek to understand the underlying reasons for her sensitivity and offer support and validation. Remember, emotional validation is key to fostering trust, intimacy, and mutual respect in your relationship. So next time she expresses sensitivity, embrace it with compassion and understanding instead of brushing it off.


Navigating the delicate landscape of communication in a relationship requires mindfulness, empathy, and a keen awareness of the impact our words can have. By avoiding the pitfalls of insensitive remarks and thoughtless comments, we can cultivate a foundation of trust, respect, and understanding with our partners. Remember, what you should not say to your girlfriend holds as much weight as what you should say. So let’s strive to choose our words carefully, recognising the power they wield in shaping the dynamics of love and connection. What you should not say to your girlfriend can be just as crucial in building a strong and lasting bond as the words we choose to express our love and appreciation.

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