31 Spring/ Summer 2019 Handbag Trends

There are a wealth of handbag trends for the taking over the next two seasons and we have listed only a mere 31! We have rounded up the major spring/ summer 2019 handbag trends from the catwalk shows to bring you the hottest styles. Perfect your look by choosing a handbag style that suits your body shape and lifestyle.

Get plastic fantastic with see-through bags, big or small, but careful what you leave the house with to spare your blushes. Belt bags make a comeback and, along with lanyards, brings a hands-free practicality to our fashionable lives. Basket bags are still going strong and welcomes crochet bags into the natural theme equation. Tote bags are print-pretty, useful for hoarding around your junk. Much can be said about oversized handbags as seen on the runways by the like of Stella McCartney, Jill Sander and Versace.

At the other end of the spectrum, Dries Van Noten, On Off and GCDS show us that neon bags are loud and proud. Unusual shapes are at play (yes there’s a Balmain bowling ball involved)  and if you are happy to slip your mobile phone in your bra, arm yourself with a mini bag. See Jacquemus designs leading the way. For a burst of class, invest in a snap clasp bag (hello Victoria Beckham) or go vintage a la Prada and Miu Miu.

There is no need to break the bank with many fabulous designs available on the high street and their online stores. See brands  such as Guess, Maje, or Topshop. If you have a designer budget, you can browse at ease and find everything that you are looking for at designer umbrella stores such as Matches.com. Do not forget to look at brands that specialise in bags and accessories for good quality at reasonable prices such as Aspinal Of London.

1. Hands-Free Belt Bags

2. Flirty Fringe Bags

3. Handy Lanyard Bags

4. Large Clear Plastic Bags

5. Small Clear Plastic Bags

6. Bucket Bags

7. Classy Snap Clasp Bags

8. Crocodile Bags

9. Straw Bags

10. Bags To Match Your Outfit

11. Multiple Bags

12. Silver Bags

13. Mini Duffle Bags

14. Compartmentalising Bags

15. Single Handled Bags

16. Arm or Wrist Bags

17. Oversized Bags

18. Crochet Bags

19. Neon Bags

20. Box Bags

21. Trunk Bags

22. Mini Bags

23. Printed Tote Bags

24. Round Bags

25. Vintage Bags

26. Unusual Shaped Bags

27. Pillow Bags

28. Drawstring Bags

29. Shell Bags


30. Creative Bags

31. Ladies Who Lunch Bags

Tip: Check out high street brands  such as Guess, Maje, or Topshop to get the look for less.  Find designer brands at Matches.com  or  check out specialist brands for good quality at reasonable prices such as Aspinal Of London. Photo credit for Spring/ Summer 2019 Handbag Trends: Imaxtree. Main – Fendi

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