8 Online Dating Profile Mistakes To Avoid

8 Online Dating Profile Mistakes To Avoid

Are you trying to find the person of your dreams through the virtual world? Do you wonder why you do not get as many hits from your online dating profile despite having posted, as far as you are concerned, a handful of attractive photographs showing you in your best light alongside a somewhat witty and engaging profile? You might have even congratulated yourself on having been spontaneous, writing whatever comes to your mind, letting it flow, being you. Or so you think. Maybe it is just plain gibberish.

You need to have a good online dating profile that will engage people in seconds. If you are not getting enough responses, a few quick fixes can increase the flow into your inbox.  Stop your dating shuttle from crashing and avoid these regular mistakes when writing your online dating profile.

Mistake #1: ”I am a funny, witty person.”


People who are naturally funny and witty people never feel the need to write such a statement. Instead of saying this, add a touch of humour to your profile.

Mistake #2: “I am an honest, spontaneous, creative, intelligent  (add more adjectives here) …person.”


This is all very subjective. Even if true, it is redundant information, at best. Avoid using personal adjectives in your online dating profile. Define your character with specific past-times, hobbies or even your job such as “I am writing my first novel” or “I am a doctor” rather than I am creative or intelligent.

Mistake #3: ”I was just bored, so I signed up.”


This presents a somewhat negative attitude. It would be better to open with: “I am new to this…”

Mistake #4: ”I want a man/ woman who can make me laugh.”


This also comes across as negative. You may even sound slightly depressed if you need someone just to make you laugh. There are plenty of videos on Youtube if you need to be entertained, and you are not looking for a joker, you are looking for a soulmate, remember?

Mistake #5: “I am sexy, flirtatious and I like kisses on my back, full body massages…”


Generally speaking, keep away from any sexual innuendos. You will have plenty of time to exchange many raunchy messages at a later stage, if you so wish. First impressions count. Would you say this to a guy or a girl in a bar who you meet for the first time? If not, then do not say it in your online dating profile either.

Mistake #6: ”I like taking long walks, watching films, going camping …”


Most people like these things, and these are hardly important details in finding a partner. It is unlikely you would refuse to date someone just because they do not like walking or watching films with you. If there is a section to list your hobbies, put it there and only there.

Mistake #7: ”I like dark-haired men/ women, but if you are blond and good-looking, write to me anyway, maybe you can change my mind.”


An immediate turn off to anyone who does not meet your top preference. Make up your mind, if you are looking for only dark-haired men/ women (which is a ridiculous criteria), just say that. If you are not sure, it is better not to say anything.

Mistake #8: ”I am not interested in guys/ girls who are bitter and boring.”


No one is interested in meeting people with negative traits. What is more, you may even come off as someone who is bitter with bad dating experiences. Use your online dating profile to tell what you like, not what you do not like.

Main image: Anete Lusina