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About KOL Social

Find out about KOL Social, how you can work with us and how to contact the editorial & sales team.

About The KOL Social

KOL Social an online beauty magazine aimed at women of colour and the official blog for KOL Cosmetics, providing an inclusive platform shaped by who we are, embracing our different cultures.

Contact the KOL Social team to be involved.

The KOL Social team is made up of several entrepreneurs who understand and appreciate the power of community and determination. We want to empower other people of colour to walk out their dreams and truly take steps towards their destiny.

The KOL Social dedicates itself to the promotion of diversity in beauty & fashion.

The KOL Social is a collective of entrepreneurs and professionals built on networking and collaboration.

Our philosophy is giving women the confidence to love how they look and be who they are, whilst nourishing the mind.

In an era of consumer race-consciousness and environmental awareness, we provide a platform to show how to buy consciously.

The KOL Social online magazine covers beauty, fashion, lifestyle and global news.

Work With Us

Volunteer Editorial Contributors

If you are interested in becoming an editorial contributor, please submit a sample of your work to the email:

([email protected])

Alternatively, use the form below to contact the editorial team.

If you are a photographer please send links to your work online. Please do not send jpeg samples.

Due to the volume of submissions there may be a delay in hearing from us. We appreciate your patience.

Note: All contributions are unpaid. You will receive author credit.

Editorial Guidelines

Content: Our editorial content is shaped by creativity and authenticity, brought together by an emerging group of writers,  photographers, MUAs and stylists.

Tone: Smart, witty, ironic, friendly, sharp, curious and caring.

Purpose: We are dedicated to the empowerment and inclusivity of all women of colour. We aim to unite across culture, diverse backgrounds, lifestyles and beliefs.

KOL Social Team


Ruth Davidson

Deputy Editor

Lucy Lesueur

Fashion & Beauty Editor

Mary Fitzsimons

Lifestyle Editor

Margaret Cansino

Assistant Editor

Frances Grand

Features Writer

Julien Turner

Sales & Marketing

Ruben Stevens

Social Media Editor

Amy Wilson

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General Enquiries

If you cannot find who you are looking for,  or you have a general enquiry, please message us by email using our online form.

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