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The Diversity Groups Directory provides buyers with a definitive reference guide to suppliers catering to the specific needs of Diversity Groups or related services in one easy-to-use publication.

bible for the Diverse Business

A unique showcase of the very finest products and companies that Diversity Groups has to offer, from art and culture, engineering, beauty, sports, fashion, design and technology to accessories, property, watches and jewellery.


KOL Social Magazine Diversity Groups Directory is available in UK national retail outlets and internationally by singular purchase or mail subscription.

How Your Listing Will Look

Listings will appear with company name, a short description of the product or service and a website link with contact details. A image may be included at the editor’s discretion. Advertisers may also get their listings to appear in the magazine articles as related resources, again, at the editor’s discretion.




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For Diversity Groups Directory Listings enquiries email: [[email protected]]


The KOL Social Magazine Diversity Groups Directory is aimed at showcasing Diversity Groups business owners who provide services or sell products, from hair care to tattooing services. You must be within a diversity group to be listed. You must have a registered company and online presence.

All new listings will be checked by an editor before the listing goes to print. This is so we can check that links are working, and proof-read content for spelling & grammatical errors.

You may be asked to verify your origin in order that we be sure that you are a Diversity Group company. If you are not within a Diversity Groups but provide products or services for this sector you must clearly state this at the time of application.

We aim to approve all Listings within 24 hours of receipt, and often much sooner. If there are any problems with the Listing we will contact you on the email address that you provided.

Your listing subscription does not include magazine subscription or delivery of one issue. This must be ordered separately. Why? Directory fees are priced in favour of enterprises to encourage growth within the communities. The KOL Social is an independent publication with its own overheads.

It is your responsibility to update your Listing should any information change. If you no longer sell products or continue your service you must inform us immediately by writing to [[email protected]]

We reserve the right to reject any Listings that we do not deem appropriate for the site. In this case any money paid would be refunded in full.

If you wish to cancel your membership at any time you must notify us in writing at [email protected] no later than 30 days before the renewal period.

You will be sent a renewal notice 30 days before your Listing is due for renewal. Should you not make payment by the renewal date your listing will be removed or hidden until we receive payment from you.

If you cancel a subscription halfway through a subscription period you will not be entitled to refund of the time remaining.