Afropunk Paris Festival 2018 Street Style

AFROPUNK Paris 2018 celebrated black music, culture and community in the French capital in the way you would expect – with style.

What makes AFROPUNK Paris unique is that the majority of the audience is Black. The political movement born is the U.S. has grown into a global festival and  is a celebration of diversity that finds itself in major cities every year.

As well as showcasing a diverse lineup of artists and performers from across the globe, the festival also prides itself on promoting positive social and political messages of equality and inclusivity, as well as encouraging self-expression and non-conformity.

The AFROPUNK movement is now an international phenomenon, with the Parisian edition forming part of an wider global series of festivals and events.  The most fashionable festival you could ever go to. Held in The Parc de la Villette, the best of AFROPUNK free style can be found below.

Afropunk Paris Festival 2018 Gallery

Photos: Jimmy Campbell. IG: @hair305london

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