Ready For A Relationship
Ready For A Relationship

Are You Really Ready For A Relationship?

Are You Really Ready For A Relationship?

There are many people out there who are not really ready for a relationship but dragging themselves through a bad ones. Others find themselves in a series of meaningless couplings.

If you want a serious relationship, it is important that you are in a position to give a sincere commitment into your partner, your relationship, and even self-development if necessary. If you are not ready to do that, then it is better to not commit to someone; or at least, not just yet.

Many singles are so busy focusing on finding someone to be in a relationship with that they fail to recognise that they are not actually ready to be involved with anyone at that point. They may simply want to fill some void in their lives.

There are a number of signs to indicate that you are not ready for a committed relationship. For example, you might be on the rebound or simply bored with your life.

What Stage Are You At?

Let us take look at your emotional snapshot. Check each of the following statements that you can identify with.

  • I will end relationships with people who display ‘deal-breakers’.
  • I am financially stable or have a finance plan in place to pay off any debts.
  • I can effectively communicate my needs in a relationship and I am open to listening to those of others.
  • I am physically and mentally healthy for positive experiences.
  • I am happy and successful at being single with a fulfilling social life.
  • I know the type of relationship I want.
  • I want and do not ‘need’ to be in a relationship.
  • I know what I am looking for in potential partners.
  • I do not over-think every date.
  • I do not have feelings for someone else.
  • I am emotionally available.
  •  I am happy with my career/work.
  • I have a healthy work/life balance.

Any Alarm Bells?

Once you have finished going through the list, take a look at the statements that remain unchecked. Does it raise any alarm bells?

It may suggest that you need to take time out and pursue further self-development in key areas before you are ready for a relationship. Deal with any leftover emotional baggage that you may have before jumping into a new relationship or you will end up in a series of meaningless affairs. If It Is Not Working Change The Script!

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