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A fusion of cutting-edge innovation and nature’s bounty, Authentic Beauty Concept is a brand that isn’t afraid to break the mould.

A fusion of cutting-edge innovation and nature’s bounty, Authentic Beauty Concept is a brand that isn’t afraid to break the mould. With its diversified portfolio, this brand carves a niche for itself in the saturated market, offering an extensive array of products, each designed to cater to a unique set of hair needs, a testimony to the brand’s commitment to celebrating the diverse beauty of its clientele.

Power-Packed Ingredients

This revolution pivots around Authentic Beauty Concept’s winning combination of advanced science and the richness of purified natural extracts. The brand honours age-old traditions of botanical haircare by harnessing the power of plants and supplements it with the precision of modern science. Take, for instance, their Hydrate range – a godsend for dry hair. This product line is brimming with the bountiful goodness of mango and basil extracts. Mango, a vibrant fruit known for its antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, melds seamlessly with basil, a herb renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. 

The result? A hydrating blend that breathes life into your tresses, making them healthier, shinier, and more vibrant. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Authentic Beauty Concept’s eco-sound® technology, an innovative approach towards extracting and preserving these ingredients, forms the backbone of this botanical revolution. By utilising ultrasound waves, this technology ensures efficient extraction of the ingredients while preserving their inherent benefits. This focus on sustainable yet effective methods illuminates the brand’s commitment to ongoing evolution while staying true to its green roots.

Authentic Beauty Concept

Conscious Beauty

Moving beyond its ingenious use of botanicals, Authentic Beauty Concept’s ethos extends to a mindful selection of ingredients. By consciously deciding to exclude silicones, sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, and artificial colourants, Authentic Beauty Concept asserts a clear intent to foster holistic well-being. They go even further by embracing veganism, with an impressive 28 out of 31 formulas already vegan, and plan to make the remaining three follow suit.

Their sustainability narrative is also interwoven with a strong social commitment, as exemplified by their support for the Sustainable Guar Initiative. This initiative fosters transparency in the value chain and improves the livelihood of small guar bean farmers in India. In addition, guar, a key ingredient in Authentic Beauty Concept’s products, enhances hair combability and feel, making it an asset in any haircare routine.

Celebrating Diversity

The true magic of Authentic Beauty Concept lies in its understanding and celebration of hair diversity. As a result, the brand’s product ranges are as varied as the hair needs they cater to. Their All Hair Types line, featuring the Deep Cleansing Shampoo, is one such example. Infused with fair trade violet rice extract, sourced ethically from South-East Asia, this shampoo effortlessly absorbs grease and impurities, leaving hair and scalp refreshed and rejuvenated.

For those longing for volume and bounce, the Amplify range does wonders with the invigorating blend of green tea extract and a hint of lime. This range revitalises lifeless hair, bringing back its lost glory and adding a much-needed boost of volume and body.

Superfoods for Hair

The Replenish range introduces a whole new dimension to haircare – superfoods. Maple and pecan extracts, known for their energy-boosting properties, infuse the hair with strength and vitality. The Replenish range transforms hair from dull and lifeless to strong and glossy. The Glow range comes to the rescue for hair that endures the harshness of colouring procedures. Formulated with the toning and conditioning properties of dates and cinnamon, this range replenishes the vibrancy of coloured hair, making it look as radiant as ever.

Styling with Care

With Authentic Beauty Concept, haircare does not stop at cleaning and nourishing; it takes another exhilarating leap towards high-performance styling. Their styling range is in perfect harmony with their care products, promising to deliver results without compromising hair health. Shea butter, coconut oil, and kaolin clay star in this range, providing your hair not just with style but also with much-deserved care and attention. Style your hair fearlessly with products that work with you, not against you.


Authentic Beauty Concept’s robust commitment to sustainability is hard to overlook. The brand’s ingenious eco-sound® technology emphasises a low-energy, cold, and soft extraction process, ensuring preservation of heat-sensitive molecules. Furthermore, the by-products of this process can be upcycled, reducing waste and maintaining an eco-friendly footprint. With such attention to sustainability, Authentic Beauty Concept sets a commendable example for other brands in the industry.

A Brand with a Purpose

Authentic Beauty Concept’s distinctiveness lies in the diversity of its products and its vision to positively impact the world. Their support for the Sustainable Guar Initiative, aiming to uplift small farmers and promote a transparent value chain, is a testament to this. Through this initiative, Authentic Beauty Concept supports cultivating Guar, a valuable caring ingredient that enhances combability and overall hair feel.

Authentic Beauty Concept emerges as a trailblazer in a world of buzzwords and half-kept promises. Its commitment to diversity isn’t mere lip service; it’s a lived reality reflected in every product it creates. With its extensive product lines, the brand caters to diverse hair needs and creates a platform that empowers people to embrace their uniqueness. So, as you explore the offerings of Authentic Beauty Concept, you’re not just entering a world of premium haircare; you’re joining a revolution that celebrates our beautiful diversity. 

Find out more on the Authentic Beauty Concept website.

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