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Ninety per cent of women are now enjoying the plethora of hair colouring procedures available in the UK’s ever-growing marketplace.

For women of colour my most important tip is to pay just as much attention when selecting your hair colour as you do when you choose your foundation. It is vital to know what colours will enhance and highlight your skin tone. Whether your hair is an abundance of curls or poker straight, there is now a colour, a great conditioning colour, that can be customised for your hair – so seek as many professional consultations until you feel confident in your colourist’s perception.

One way to eliminate your choice of colourist is whether or not they invite you to undertake a patch test prior to undertaking the service – this is to ensure that you are not sensitive to the ingredients and therefore vital.

When it comes to choosing a shade, the sky’s the limit! Women of colour tend to have a lot of warmth in both their skin and hair, so there are countless possibilities. Complement your skin tone with a warm palette or add contrast and depth with something cooler and unexpected. Honey and caramel look classic against a darker base, or team jet black with flashes of coffee for extra dimension. If you’re looking for something a little bolder, I love rose gold highlights which tend to bring out the natural bronze of the skin, or try a pop of dark red through spiralling curls. Ombre is increasingly popular too. 

My clients tend to stick to subtle contrasts between the lengths and roots but when I’m shooting editorial work, I love the vibrancy of pastels against a darker base. 

Is there anything more delicious than caramel blonde hair? As far as gourmet-inspired hues go, it’s up there with chocolate brown hair Rich, warm and silky-soft, caramel sits on the deeper end of the mid brown to dark tones spectrum, verging on a light, golden blonde that’s brimming with light-reflective shine on the ends.

So, how do you create this covetable hue you create this by smudging so nothing is block . Also there are lot of red tones almost purple to Manifest drama. As lots of washing glasses to intensify shine and condition also if your hair is lightly. Pre-lightened on the end there is some amazing colours you can put on the hair.

For instance, unleash your inner creativity with the Moroccan oil Colour Depositing Mask. This deeply conditioning treatment delivers temporary colour to the hair while reviving dull, lifeless locks for a revitalised and glossy finish. A fortifying fusion of Amino Acids, Apricot Kernel Oil and ArganID™ technology encourage stronger, healthy looking strands; the nourishing collection of ingredients release moisturising and hydrating properties to help eliminate dryness and stimulate hair growth. This Moroccan oil hair mask offers a provisional colour treatment in a range of different shades, with the impermanent formula being ideal for self-expression and carefree experimenting.

Refreshing and rejuvenating, the nurturing formula boosts dreary locks for brighter, more vibrant colour pay-off. Hair is left soft and silky-smooth, harnessing a shiny and naturally radiant finish. This treatment can be used to prolong colour-wear between salon visits.

Housed in packaging crafted from 50% post-consumer recycled material, the brand makes an active effort to consume less energy and therefore reduce their carbon footprint as a result. These colours are amazing if you’ve never had colour in your hair before.

Hair Colour

These colours are amazing if you’ve never had colour in your hair before. With virgin hair you don’t have to put any colours in your hair. You can use extensions which are great for enhancing colour and volume – bellamiprofessional.com

We work with this company very closely. It’s an amazing way to introduce colour without chemically processing your hair and they’ve got over 47 colours.

Photo Credit – imaxtree.com

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