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Nobility, drama, warmth. It should be the easiest thing in the world to recognise a Leo (23 July – 22 August )from out of a crowd. Sometimes it is.

When the Leo energy gets its proper leeway, in a confident person, then there are seldom any doubts. Just take model Jourdain Dunn (above) as a prime example. Things are not so simple in reality, unfortunately.

There is evidence that many people with heavily Lion-dominated horoscopes, (say the Sun and several planets, or the Sun and Moon in Leo) come off as a bit shy or reserved.

These same is frequently true when other fire signs are strongly marked in the horoscope. You can be sure, however, that in such cases something is holding these people back. Leo is a dramatic, self-exposing, self-centred and highly flamboyant sign.

Viola Davis
Leo, Actress Viola Davis

The Physical Traits Of A Leo Woman

Just like a proud lion, the majestic Leo woman has a commanding and dignifying presence.

Most Leos have cat like characteristics, especially in the face which is wider than most other star signs.

She generally has dark brown eyes, often large and round in shape but slightly tilted at the corner.

She usually has good skin with a golden tint. This is often topped with a button nose and smallish ears.

Leo Makeup Tips

Leo woman have the prime advantage over other star signs with their cat-like eyes, even when they are not wearing makeup. Make the most of this asset with a cat-eye eyeliner.

Further magnify the eyes with false eyelashes – animal cruelty-free of course, such as KOL silk eyelashes.

Be sure to choose your correct shade of foundation and powder. Bring out the natural glow of your skin with the use of bronzers on the cheeksbones.

Needless to say, the fire sign looks great in fiery reds, orange hues, shades of yellow, and gold.

Bold red lips are striking on the Leo woman, alternatively go for a nude shade.

Leo Skin Care Tips

The Leo woman is likely to have the most luxurious skincare products in her boudoir but be sure not to break the bank by buying into the latest beauty fad.

Since Leo women are rules by the sun, the fire sign is prone to dry skin. Keep yourself well moisturised.

The KOL Social Met Gala 2016
Leo Compatibility

Celebrity Leo Women: Model Jourdan Dunn; Model Winnie Harlow; Actress Viola Davis;  Reality Star Kylie Jenner; Actress Meghan Markle; Actress Halle Berry; Actress Meagan Good; American model and actress Parker McKenna Posey; American TV and film actress Gina Rodriguez; English glamour model Holly Peers; American actress and comedian Anna Akana

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