Best Men's Winter Hats 2020
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Best Men’s Winter Hats 2020

This autumn and winter, the trends in men’s winter hats are characterised by three main styles. The first trend focuses on comfort, utilising high-quality materials to create reliable and durable hats. These hats typically feature robust fabrics like denim, canvas, ripstop, corduroy, and softer materials such as twills and heathered fabrics.

The second trend centres on technical and construction details, showcasing features like exposed seams and taping. This approach blends practical functionality with style, ensuring the hats are aesthetically pleasing and functional in cold weather.

The third trend is about updating classic styles to align with modern preferences. This involves infusing traditional hat designs with contemporary elements, balancing timeless fashion and current trends.

Regarding specific types of men’s winter hats, the variety is extensive. The range includes poms, ear flaps, faux fur, face masks on knits and other cold-weather hats. Additionally, trucker caps, split panels, campers, cuffed beanies, trappers, and jacquard styles are prominent.

For outdoor activities, hats feature detailed nature illustrations, various camo patterns, and vintage looks with scout patches. In the surf and skate sector, unstructured 5-panel caps dominate, often in bright colours with screen printing or multiple logos. The old-school trend brings earth tones like browns and olives, utilising unique fabrics and textures, while Americana is represented through distressed and vintage styles with flag imagery.

This season’s graphics on men’s winter hats predominantly include detailed illustrations inspired by nature. Florals and other bright patterns and colours are popular. Small decorative elements like branded closures, perforation, embossing, cork, mesh overlays, and small patches give the hats a high-end retail appearance.

Best Men’s Winter Hats 2020

Bucket Hats

Beanie Hats

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The Beret

Trapper Hat

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