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Black Eyeshadow: Power Play

Black Eyeshadow: Summer 2023’s Power Play

There’s a bold shift in the beauty industry: the resurgence of black eyeshadow. This vampy, night sky-hued trend has us swapping our pastel palettes for a more dramatic, captivating look.

Black eyeshadow emerges from the backdrop of edgy aesthetics to mainstream fashion runways, bringing a touch of sophistication and enigma. Iconic beauty houses like Chanel, Dior, and Saint Laurent showcased the look, with models donning the sultry shade, making it the ‘it’ trend of the season.

It’s not just the runways; celebrities like Lupita Nyong’o, Rihanna, Viola Davis and Zendaya have also embraced this trend, experimenting with many black eyeshadow styles, from smoky eyes to graphic liner looks. The return of this noir aesthetic doesn’t mark a departure from subtlety but ushers in an era of confident, dramatic expression.

Universally Flattering: Black Eyeshadow on All Skin Shades

What makes black eyeshadow a versatile beauty companion? Its ability to complement every skin tone. The contrast can create a mesmerising, intense look for lighter skin shades that stands out. Conversely, black eyeshadow exudes an air of refinement and elegance on darker skin tones, offering a sultry, smouldering finish.

Be it a fair complexion or a deep ebony, black eyeshadow creates a striking aesthetic that elevates one’s natural beauty. It’s about finding the right texture and finish—matte, satin, or shimmer—to suit your skin and personal style.

The Art of Black Eyeshadow Application

Mastering the application of black eyeshadow can feel intimidating, but armed with the proper technique and quality brushes, you can create stunning eye looks.

1 Begin with a Primer: Start by applying an eyeshadow primer. It ensures your eyeshadow stays in place and enhances the colour, giving a more pigmented result. 2 Use a Transition Shade: To avoid an abrupt look, use a neutral or taupe shade as a transition colour in your crease before layering the black. This step will provide a seamless gradient and ensure a softer, more blended appearance.

3 Start Small: Less is more when it comes to black eyeshadow. Start with a small amount, gradually building up to the desired intensity. It’s easier to add more than to correct over-application. 4 Blend, Blend, Blend: Blend meticulously to create a smooth transition between your eyeshadow and skin. Use a fluffy brush for a more diffused look or a dense brush to pack on the colour.

5 Pair with Complementing Shades: Pair your black eyeshadow with metallic or shimmering shades for a dramatic effect. Silver or gold on the inner corner can instantly elevate your look. For a more toned-down aesthetic, consider blending with a soft brown or a taupe shade for a wearable daytime look. 6: Complete: Finish the look with mascara or add a pair of dramatic lashes for added effect.

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The New Age Smokey Eye

Black eyeshadow instantly evokes the idea of a classic smokey eye. However, this season, the smokey eye gets a modern twist. The 2023 smokey eye isn’t about creating a racoon eye effect. It’s subtler, chic, and leaves a lingering allure.

To achieve this look, apply black eyeshadow to your lid, blending up to the crease but not beyond. Next, add some to the lower lash line to create balance. The key is to keep the intensity towards the lash line and blend it out as you move upwards, creating a beautiful ‘smoke’ effect. Pair this look with nude or soft pink lipstick to balance the intensity of the eyes. Remember, makeup is all about harmony.

The Graphic Liner Look

Taking inspiration from the 60s mod era and intertwining it with today’s modern artistry, the Graphic Liner look is an avant-garde take on black eyeshadow application. You want a black eyeshadow with a creamy texture; a gel pot or liquid eyeliner will also work because you need a product with precise lines and intense colour.

With an angled liner brush, start sketching your design. You could go for an extended cat eye, an exaggerated crease, or even play around with geometrical shapes on your lids. Don’t restrict yourself to the upper eyelid; explore the lower lash line and the area beneath the brow bone. Remember, the Graphic Liner look is about breaking boundaries and celebrating your artistic side. So, be bold, be creative, and most importantly, have fun.

The Blackened Halo Eye

The Blackened Halo Eye look is for those who love a bit of drama. It is about creating a dark ‘halo’ around the eyes, creating an edgy yet soft and diffused look. Blend a transition shade into your crease as a gradient toward your black halo. Pat black eyeshadow onto your eye’s inner and outer corners, leaving the middle part of your lid bare. Make sure to blend well so there are no harsh lines.

Apply a shimmery or metallic shade onto the middle of your lid to create a ‘halo’ effect. You can opt for a silver, gold, or even a coloured shimmer, depending on your preference. Mirror the same on your lower lash line by applying black eyeshadow on the inner and outer corners, leaving the middle part for the shimmery shade.

Embracing black eyeshadow doesn’t mean adhering to the norms. Experiment with different styles—graphic lines, abstract shapes, and even unconventional placements like a black teardrop. The revival of black eyeshadow marks a celebration of individuality, dramatic expressions, and a redefinition of beauty norms. It encourages you to channel your inner artist, create something unique, and own your look. Remember, beauty isn’t about conforming to trends but using them to accentuate your individuality.

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