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Veronica J - Luxju

Veronica J. launched Luxju Natural Hair Care company in February 2018 and has since sent the industry and her ever-growing patrons into an afro tizzy. As the name implies, her products leaves hair feeling uber luxurious. Here, she shares how to join, and thrive in, the market. Her family is of Jamaican heritage.

Should You Sue A Hairdresser?

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Sue A Hairdresser

If you believe that you have suffered from bad practices in a hair salon, you may find yourself in the unfortunate position where you have to sue a hairdresser for compensation. And rightly, so.

Traction Alopecia: Is Your Weave Worth It?

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Traction Alopecia

One of the most common reasons for hair loss is an autoimmune disorder (alopecia aerata) in which the body destroys its own hair. However, it can also be caused by external factors such as chronic traction (pulling) on the hair follicle. This is called traction alopecia.