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Mirror Madness: Get Rid Of That Negative Self Image

In Health & Well Being, Lifestyle by Mary Fitzsimons

Youth, beauty and body weight are first world beauty problems that lurks in the back of the mind of every woman. From an early age we are programmed to focus all of our attention on our appearance making us constantly think, talk, strategise, and fret about the way we look. It is no wonder that many suffer from negative self image.

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Black don’t crack, as the saying goes, referring to the fact that black people do not wrinkle as quickly as their white counterparts. But there are certainly a few lifestyle choices that will sway the balance, such as smoking. Aside from the obvious health risks, smoking will seriously mess with your skin, no matter what ethnicity you might be. If the likes of bronchitis, cancer or lung disease is not enough to persuade you to give up smoking, then think about the damage you are doing to your beautiful skin.