Cornrows Styles: An Unfading Epitome of Style

Cornrows Styles: An Unfading Epitome of Style

In natural hair fashion, cornrows are a persistent symbol of elegance, resilience, and cultural richness. Each year, they evolve, revealing unique forms and styles with an impressive array of cornrow styles, each presenting a captivating interpretation of this classic hairstyle.

Celebrities have certainly played a pivotal role in popularising cornrow styles. Beyoncé’s iconic Lemonade Braids have left a lasting impression, influencing a whole generation. Zoe Kravitz’s chic, thin cornrows embody boho elegance, while Rihanna’s ever-changing cornrow styles celebrate the hairstyle’s versatility. Male icons aren’t far behind. A$AP Rocky and Michael B. Jordan have redefined masculinity by adorning their locks with cornrows. A$AP Rocky’s intricate designs inspire unique patterns, while Jordan’s straight-back cornrows from ‘Black Panther’ demonstrate classic style.

The influence of colour cannot be understated. The cornrow styles 2023 celebrates colour diversity, from natural hues to vibrant tints. While darker shades remain timeless, daring colours like fiery red, electric blue, and subtle balayage highlights have found their place in the cornrow palette. The choice of colour is a fashion statement and an extension of personal creativity. Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, each cornrow style can be adapted to suit your hair length, whilst hair extensions can achieve your desired style.

Cornrows Styles

‘Micro Cornrows’, delicate and finely woven, have asserted their position in the fashion stratosphere. These intricate and sophisticated braids offer a modern twist to the conventional cornrow. Despite their tiny size, micro cornrows deliver a grand impact, harmonising with laid-back and dressy looks. Their versatility extends to different hair lengths, making them a popular choice for short to medium-length hair.

A style that has caught everyone’s attention is the ‘Half-and-Half Cornrow’. This unique style embraces a perfect blend of braids and loose hair, adhering to the ‘business in the front, party at the back’ mantra. It’s ideal for those with long hair who wish to showcase the dual aspects of their personality.

The ‘Side-Swept Cornrows’ have reinvented the cornrow narrative by introducing a dash of asymmetry. The braids are expertly directed towards one side of the head, creating a captivating and unique look. This style works beautifully with medium to long hair lengths, and incorporating vivid hair colours can amplify the appeal.

The Cornrow Mohawk draws inspiration from punk aesthetics. The sides of the head are adorned with cornrows, while the middle part is styled with loose curls or braids. Those daring to experiment with bold colours such as electric blue or fiery red will find this style a perfect canvas.

‘Cornrows with Cuffs and Beads’ is a trend that weaves personal expression into the hairstyle. Hair cuffs, beads, and other accessories can be woven into the braids, allowing the wearer to express their personality. These embellishments complement all hair lengths and allow play with colour contrasts, resulting in a custom style.

Inspired by Beyonce’s iconic album, ‘Lemonade Braids’ are riding the wave of popularity. The side-swept cornrows are an embodiment of bold and trendsetting style. This style creates a visual feast worthy of the red carpet when paired with honey-hued or caramel-coloured highlights.

The ‘Cornrow Bob’ marries the timeless bob haircut with cornrow braids. The juxtaposition of these two styles results in a versatile and modern look. Whether the wearer opts for natural tones or vibrant colours, the Cornrow Bob stands out, redefining the bob for a new era.

Lastly is the ‘Jumbo Cornrows’, a trend that became synonymous with chic minimalism in 2023. This style, characterised by fewer but significantly larger braids, has captured the fashion scene with its sleek and streamlined appearance. The beauty of Jumbo Cornrows lies in their simplicity. Their broad, bold braids allow for a visually striking modern and elegant style. Whether worn straight back for a classic look or twisted into an updo for a more formal event, these braids also provide a perfect canvas for accessories like beads and metallic cuffs, allowing individual customisation.

Preserving Your Cornrows

Regardless of the style, length, or colour, preserving the beauty of cornrows requires attentive care. Regular moisturisation with lightweight oils keeps the braids hydrated. Gentle washing with diluted shampoo maintains cleanliness, focusing primarily on the scalp to prevent buildup. At night, wrapping the hair in a silk scarf will prevent frizz and preserve the integrity of the braids.

Images: Launchmetrics. Main image: Gaultier SS23

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