Dating A Sociopath

Are You Dating A Sociopath?

Are You Dating A Sociopath?

If someone new promises you the world without hesitation, there is probably something very wrong. Chances are, you are dating a sociopath.

Bait and switch dating is a phrase that you may not be familiar with, but it is something we have all experienced at some point in our lives. Bait and switch dating is the time honored art of appearing to be one way during the early dating stages, before turning out to be someone completely different once the relationship becomes more serious. You often hear of new husbands who complain that their once sweet and undemanding wife turned into a shrew once she got the ring on her finger. Or, the online dating scam artists who present themselves with a false profile to eek thousands of pounds from gullible men and women. But, you do not have to lose your freedom, money or mind if you keep your wits about you.

So why do people do it? Often, it is not done intentionally. We are all guilty of masking our true selves, especially around people that we do not know as well. Entering into a relationship is scary, so it is only natural that we keep our guards up. But, there are some who do this knowingly, because they are well aware that their true personality is not very attractive.

Bait and switchers come in a variety of different types. A person may put himself or herself out there as being genuine and truthful, when in reality, they are pathological liars. Or, they portray themselves as being financially stable, borrowing from those closest to them to project a false image. Others will sell you a story about how faithful they are, only to turn out to be a serial cheater.

Luckily, you can spot these people in the early stages and avoid dealing with these kinds of tricks and games. It is important to pay close attention and not be fooled by words. A person’s actions are what you must monitor. If there are certain pieces of their stories that do not add up or make sense to you, take this as a warning sign that you are dating a sociopath.

A person can say almost anything, but it is what they do that is most telling. Believing everything you see and half of what you hear is a good rule of thumb. Once you have been sucked in by a classic bait and switch scenario, it can be difficult to extricate yourself. You may want to believe in what the person has told you.

But there is no reason to stick around once you realise you were hooked by false promises and a phoney personality. Start cutting ties as soon as you can. It may cause some issues for you in the early going, but you will be much better off in the long haul.

You could even be a bait and switcher yourself. Take a deep look at how you associate with potential significant others. Are you not being 100 percent truthful? Are you embellishing certain things to impress them or lying by omission? If so, these are all signs that you’re the one who needs to stop baiting and switching.

Whether you’ve been the one forced to deal with dating a sociopath or you are the bait and switcher, there is no need to continue down this path. Heed the warning signs so that you do not end up dating a sociopath.

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