Dickson Mbi: Enowate
Dickson Mbi: Enowate

Dickson Mbi: Enowate

Dickson Mbi: Enowate

A dancer of extraordinary power and grace, Dickson Mbi summons multiple identities in this mesmerising solo performance inspired by a life-changing journey to his ancestral home in Cameroon.
The symbolic presence of a two-headed snake, the tiger whose roar vibrated as part of a funeral ritual, the knowing touch of a blind elder… it was these unnerving encounters profoundly affected the London choreographer during a recent trip to his family’s village. They have all brought him closer to the animistic practices of his African heritage and to the mystical place where they meet with his modern East End upbringing.

Enowate, meaning ‘truth stands’, draws on sinuous elements of hip-hop and contemporary dance in combination with original music and otherworldly animated projections. In asking the relatable question, ‘who am I?’, he connects with enigmatic forces to reveal himself and emerge from the shadows.

About Dickson Mbi

Dickson Mbi is a London-based dancer and choreographer known for his innovative and boundary-pushing approach to contemporary dance. He was born in Cameroon and moved to London at 12, where he discovered his passion for dance.
Mbi trained at the London Contemporary Dance School and has since gone on to work with some of the biggest names in contemporary dance, including Wayne McGregor, Akram Khan, and Hofesh Shechter. He has also created his works, which have been performed at venues such as Sadler’s Wells and the Southbank Centre.

Mbi’s choreography is characterised by athleticism, fluidity, and emotional depth. He combines elements of hip-hop, African dance, and contemporary dance to create a style that is uniquely his own. His work often explores themes of identity, culture, and personal experience and is known for its powerful storytelling.

Mbi has received numerous awards and accolades for his work, including the New Adventures Choreographer Award and the Sadler’s Wells Global Dance Contest. He is also a sought-after teacher and has taught workshops and masterclasses all over the world.

Through his work, Mbi has become a leading figure in the contemporary dance scene, pushing boundaries and challenging audiences to think differently about what dance can be. He continues to inspire and influence dancers and choreographers worldwide with his innovative approach and dynamic performances.

About Sadler’s Wells

Sadler’s Wells has been a home for the arts for more than three centuries. Their ambitious year-round programme explores and celebrates dance in all its forms. Each year, over half a million people visit their London theatres, with many more visiting their national and international touring productions or exploring their digital platforms.

They create and share more new work than any other dance organisation. They support artists, allowing them to develop their practice, seek innovative ideas and collaborations, and present world-class work. And they invite people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to participate in our events and workshops.


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