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KOL Social is a quarterly independent magazine publication, available digitally and in print. It is a cultural magazine primarily for people of colour. The publication is committed to sharing the experiences and perspectives of Black, Asian and Ethnic groups from around the world.A combination of stunning photography and ground-breaking stories, KOL Social provides arts & lifestyle, entertainment news, reviews, and social commentary. To find out more go to About

KOL Social gives a voice to KOLs – Key Opinion Leaders – from Ethnic Minority communities. The London-based brand is an inclusive powerhouse for diverse groups, and it is the only UK lifestyle magazine for this underserved market. KOL Social distributes in independent newsagents and WHSmith nationwide. Stockists listed here.

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KOL Social is black-owned, founded in October 2019 by Marcia Degia who has experience in both mainstream and ethnic media across film, television and publishing.

Marcia has over 20 years experience with some of the leading magazine publishing companies in England. Former positions held include Acting Managing Editor of Homes & Gardens, Editor of Pride Magazine (for women of colour), Editor of Your Home and Publisher at Macmillan Publishers.

The Diversity Groups Directory is aimed at small business owners, allowing you to advertise to a national and international audience to suit their budget. Let your target market discover your brand from as as little as £29 per month. To book online go to Shop

The variety of products and services means sourcing suppliers, specific or otherwise, can often prove to be a time-consuming task. KOL Social Magazine Diversity Groups Directory provides buyers with a definitive reference guide to suppliers catering to the specific needs of Diversity Groups or related services in one easy-to-use publication. To book online go to Shop

This includes various groups of people spanning many races, ages, backgrounds, future interests and beliefs. Variety, whether in cultural/ethnic background, experiences, social class, gender, education. This would include what is traditionally known as BAME, LGBTQI+ etc..

Your listing will appear with your company name, a short description of the product or service and your website details. A image may be included at the editor’s discretion. See layout below.

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KOL Social distributes in independent newsagents and WHSmith nationwide. Stockists listed here.

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A unique showcase of the very finest products and companies that Diversity Groups has to offer, from art and culture, engineering, beauty, sports, fashion, design and technology to accessories, property, watches and jewellery. It is a bible for the Diversity Groups industry also benefiting from a wider international distribution. To book online go to Shop

Yes, the listings will appear in both the print magazine and app. To book online go to Shop

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