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Do you have questions about your directory listing? Here is our directory frequently asked questions to guide you.

KOL Social Magazine Directory is tailored for the ambitious business owner, offering a gateway to national and international audiences within your budget. Ready to elevate your brand?

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A unique showcase of the very finest products and companies that multi-ethnic groups to offer, from art and culture, engineering, beauty, sports, fashion, design and technology to accessories, property, watches and jewellery. 

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The variety of products and services means sourcing suppliers, whether specific or otherwise, can often be time-consuming. KOL Social Magazine Directory provides buyers with a definitive reference guide to suppliers catering to the specific needs of diverse groups.

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Envision your brand featured in over 1,000 outlets globally, reaching passionate readers in multiple countries and prominent private hubs. With us, your message isn’t just seen; it makes an impact.

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Launched in 2019, KOL Social recognises the economic power of multi-ethnic groups, focusing on luxury’s emerging innovations while amplifying diverse narratives.

KOL Social is a conduit to sustainable luxury, exploring travel, style, motors, private jets, yachts, interiors and property, jewellery & watches and more.

As the sole multi-ethnic luxury publication with a worldwide distribution in luxury hubs and top retail outlets, we offer advertisers an unparalleled opportunity to tap into the affluent multi-ethnic market.

Complementing our print portfolio, KOL Social’s digital solutions provide a crucial platform to engage with an often elusive audience.

A combination of stunning photography and ground-breaking stories, KOL Social provides arts & lifestyle, entertainment news, reviews, and social commentary. To find out more go to About

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We recognise racial and ethnic groups such as Black, Latino, Asian, Native American, Middle Eastern communities, LGBTQ+ members, individuals with disabilities, refugees, indigenous populations, and other marginalised identities.

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Your standard listing will appear with your company name, a 100-word description of the product or service and your website details.  We will include images at our discretion. Featured listings are also available – this includes a quarter-page ad and image.

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During promotional campaigns, we provide tailored advertising discounts. This initiative ensures that independent businesses can maximise their reach while minimising costs.

The most substantial discounts are for those committing to a year of advertising. However, one-off ads are also available, and you can even secure today’s discounted rate and choose your advertising slot later.

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Published ten times annually, KOL Social Magazine reaches a global, affluent, multi-ethnic audience through its expansive international distribution network of over 1000 outlets, including retailers, airport lounges, private jets, hotels, corporate offices, global events, luxury hotels, private jet centres, luxury apartments, private members clubs, as well as paid subscribers.

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Yes, the listings will appear in both the print magazine and the APP.

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KOL Social Diversity Groups Directory, print and digital magazine.

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We prioritise open communication. Please Contact Us or Schedule A Meeting to address all your concerns. 

Absolutely. Apart from tailored advertising strategies, we design display ads for free, exclusively for use within our magazine. For more bespoke support, please book an appointment with our editorial team.

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Advertisers often pique our editorial interest. While print reviews aren’t guaranteed, there’s potential for a spotlight on our digital platforms.

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