Don't Be Bitter About Valentines Day. Hook Up
Don't Be Bitter About Valentines Day. Hook Up

Don’t Be Bitter About Valentines Day. Hook Up

Don’t Be Bitter About Valentines Day. Hook Up

Oh, Valentine’s Day – the season of love, romance, and all things heart-shaped. But what if you’re single? The gift shops are full of heart-shaped cards, chocolates and teddy bears, reminding you that you have no one to share the day with. But don’t despair my dear – this year, you can turn it all around and find that special someone in time for Valentine’s Day. Here are some ideas to help you hook up and avoid spending the day alone. At the very least, you do not have to be bitter about Valentine’s Day on your own.

1.The Office

Yes, we know you’ve already checked out your office crush, and nothing has happened. But desperate times call for desperate measures, darling. So take a closer look – is the guy in accounts really that dull, or is he just waiting for someone like you to bring out his wild side? And let’s remember the canteen lady. With a bit of makeup and without the hairnet, who knows what secrets she’s hiding?

2. The Gym

Burn off those holiday calories and check out those rigid bodies at the gym. Start by admiring the view on the treadmill, and then casually make your way over to the person you have your eye on. Ask if they would mind showing you how to use one of the exercise machines, and who knows where it could lead. An apres-gym drink, perhaps?

3. Walk A Dog

If you don’t have a furry friend, borrow one and take it for a walk. You’ll be amazed at how many attractive singles are walking their dogs. And who knows, you might just meet someone who is the perfect match for you and your new canine companion.

4. Get Your Mates To Hook You Up

Your attached friends can help you out. Ask them to keep their ears open and see if they know anyone who has recently become single. And why not have them arrange a casual get-together to introduce you? It could be the start of something special.

5. Join An Online Dating Site

In this digital age, finding love online is easier than ever. There are plenty of online dating sites and apps to choose from, so take the time to find the one that suits you best. And who knows, by Valentine’s Day rolls around, you might have a few offers to choose from.

6. Go To A Singles Event

If there’s one day of the year when you’re more likely to hook up, it’s Valentine’s Day. So why not attend a singles event and increase your chances of finding that special someone? Check out d.etal Events to see what’s coming up.

So, my lovely singletons, don’t be bitter about Valentines Day. Get out there, have some fun, and you might find yourself a Valentine after all.

Main image: Sweden Syndrome, Adobe Stock

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