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Monshea Butter Founder Monigho Griffin (right) with Irene Shelley, Editor Of Black Hair & Beauty Magazine at The KOL Social April 2018

Founder Of Monshea Butter, On How She Built Her Successful Business

Monigho Griffin, Founder Of Monshea Butter, On How She Built Her Successful Business

Monigho Griffin launched her award-winning Monshea Butter company in 2016. Today, it is ranked as one of the most popular Shea product ranges. Here, she shares how to join, and thrive in, the market. Her family is from Delta State in Nigeria.

What inspired you to create your product?

I had the privilege of being bestowed with acne at a very young age and inheriting the subsequent scars.  That, coupled with the fact that I always faced challenges obtaining products that helped to manage and soften my hair, I was always going to be in the market for a good and skin and hair care range.

Monshea Butter Pure Shea butter oil, £12.99, Amazon

How does it differ from what is available on the market?

My skin and hair products are made from Shea oil. This little known oil is a by-product of  the ever popular unrefined Shea butter without the natural aroma or the solid texture that Shea butter possesses.

Containing a high amount of oleic fatty acid, Monshea products are light but rich, very moisturising, hydrating,  and absorbent for your skin and hair.

They also  have dual purpose that benefits your skin and hair.

You can use them as a moisturiser,  daily & leave in conditioner, scalp oil, hot oil treatment, helps nails and cuticles. You can even use it as a make up remover.

How and where are Monshea Butter products produced?

We are based in south east London I have a Studio in Thames-side studio in Charlton. They are all handmade at our base.

How important are natural ingredients to you?

Natural ingredients are very important to me. Used in the right way and quantities,  natural products generally have numerous benefits without exposing ourselves to  chemicals, that can have  negative after effects.

What we put on our skin gets into our system, we know that is why doctors can prescribe gels, or other topical products as medication. So surely the effort to minimise this is worth it.

Many of the older generation who were raised in Africa and the Caribbean had beautiful skin and healthy hair while they were there. If you asked about their regime, it would invariably involve the dependence of natural oils

Monshea Butter Black Soap
Monshea Butter Black Soap

What is your best-selling product?

Monshea shea oil with ylangylang is my best selling product. It is an amazing oil that will soften your skin and leave you with a radiant glow.

Who is your target market?

The Monshea Butter range offers benefits for all the family but women with dry  skin and patches or who have thick curly or colour treated hair will particularly benefit.

What was the biggest hurdle in setting up your brand?

The biggest challenge I would say in development is getting the branding and  packaging correct. After that it is visibility.

Where to Purchase Monshea Products

Monshea Butter Products are available online.


  • Brixton Wholefoods 59 Atlantic Rd London SW9 8PU
  • Pempamisie 102 Brixton Hill, London SW2 1AH
  • Greenlands Health food stores, 14 Greenwich Market, London SE10 9JA
  • Your Hair and Beauty 37 Lewis Grove, Lewisham, London SE13 6BG
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