Founding Director of 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair

What is a common misconception of African Art?

It’s the belief that there is a singular African aesthetic. The continent comprises of 54 countries with multiple regions and art hubs, each with their own infrastructures, politics, socio-economic conditions, languages and cultural history. For too long, the artistic production of Africa and its diaspora has been minimised by preconceptions and stereotypes, we need to continually challenge these imposed limitations. 

How has the Art world changed since you begin 1-54 Art fair?

The art world is slowly bringing their attention to artists from Africa and its diaspora. I hope this attention will not wane, but will become a consistent, deep and mutually beneficial interaction. 

What is an 'Art rule' that you completely disagree with?

Not necessarily a rule, but something I have always railed against is arts speak. It makes work unnecessarily inaccessible and exclusive. 


What are the two over-used phrases in the Art world?

Immersive and aesthetic.

What is the best advice that you would give to an Art collector?

Always buy work that you love and look at the work you buy as critical support for the artist. Get to know them, their work and their galleries.

What is the first Art work you remember?

I grew up surrounded by the work of my father, Hassan EL Glaoui, so without a doubt, a many number of works of his, both finished and while he was painting them. 


Aside from the 1-54 Art fair, where is your favourite place to view Art?

I recently re-visited the new Zeitz MOCAA in Cape Town and it is as amazing as everyone says it is.


Who is an emerging Artist you are excited to watch develop?

This is always such a difficult question; I couldn’t possibly choose a single artist! We have over 15 galleries coming to the London fair for the first time this October, many of whom are showing emerging artists we have also never had before, so there really are too many to choose from.

describe Art 154 in a hashtag

It will have to be my favourite hashtag, #mykindofart

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