Freelance Writers’ FAQs

Freelance Writers' FAQs

Welcome to the Freelance Writers’ FAQs section of KOL Social. We value the contributions of freelance writers and aim for a seamless collaboration. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions addressing common queries and concerns to assist you.

What is the remuneration for freelance writers?

Freelance writers will receive a compensation of 25p per printed word, equating to £250 per thousand printed words.


Why per printed word?

  1. Editorial Edits: Your initial submission may undergo changes before publication. Payment based on printed words ensures you’re compensated for the content that actually gets published, taking into account any editorial modifications.
  2. Encouraging Quality: This payment method motivates writers to deliver precise, high-quality content right from the start. If paid for every word, regardless of its relevance, there could be a temptation to write longer, less concise pieces.
  3. Fitting Within Guidelines: Some assignments or publications have specific word count guidelines. Being paid by the printed word helps ensure you align your content with these requirements.
  4. Protecting Your Efforts: With a per-printed word rate, you can be more confident that your efforts align with your compensation. It reduces instances where you might over-write and then face extensive cuts, leading to reduced pay.
  5. Fair Compensation: If your article requires extensive edits or cuts, being paid per printed word ensures you’re compensated fairly for the content that ultimately reaches the readers.

Who are our readership?

For context, our readership is primarily High Networth Individuals with an affinity for sustainable luxury presented through diverse lenses. Our content zeroes in on emerging trends and spotlights “Key Opinion Leaders.” We pride ourselves on KOL Social’s international reach and unwavering dedication to diversity. 

How are assignments commissioned?

  1. Pitching: If you have an original article or story idea that aligns with our content and audience, you can submit a pitch to our editorial team. If it captures our interest, we’ll commission you.
  2. RFP (Request for Proposal): Occasionally, we have specific content needs or topics we want to cover. We’ll release an RFP detailing the requirements and invite writers to submit their proposals on approaching the subject.
  3. Recurring Contracts: After working with us and establishing a consistent record of high-quality submissions, we may offer you regular assignments. This way, you can enjoy steady work without pitching new ideas every time.

Can I pitch my own topics or does KOL Social assign them?

We value creativity and fresh perspectives. While we often have specific subjects or themes in mind and assign them to writers, we’re also open to receiving pitches from freelance writers. If you have an original article or story idea that aligns with our content guidelines and audience, we encourage you to pitch it to our editorial team. We appreciate collaborations that bring diverse voices and unique insights to our readership.

Is there a minimum or maximum word count for submissions?

We aim for clarity and conciseness in our content. While we don’t strictly impose a minimum word count, we have a recommended range for submissions to ensure depth and comprehensiveness. Typically, our articles fall between 600 to 1500 words. However, we always prioritise quality over quantity, so it’s essential that your piece effectively communicates its message within these guidelines. If you have a compelling reason for a longer piece, please discuss it with our editorial team during the pitching process.

What are the turnaround times for assignments?

We understand the importance of both quality and timely submissions. Generally, once an assignment is commissioned, we expect a turnaround time of 2 – 4 weeks. However, the exact deadline can vary based on the complexity and nature of the piece. Our editorial team will always specify the deadline when commissioning an assignment, and we encourage open communication if you foresee any challenges in meeting the timeline.

How and when are payments processed?

Payments are processed via bank transfer upon the publishing of the article. Once the article is published in the magazine, freelance writers can raise their invoice for the due payment.

What is KOL Social's style guide?

At KOL Social, we adhere to a specific style guide to maintain consistency and quality in our content. This guide directs tone, voice, formatting, and other stylistic considerations. Before you start any assignment, we recommend you familiarise yourself with our style guide to ensure your submissions align with our publication’s standards. Please see our Editorial Style Guide.