Gregory Maqoma | Thuthuka Sibisi Broken Chord 17-18 March
27.08.2022 Weimar:Gregory Maqomas "Broken Chord" (UA) im Deutschen Nationaltheater im Rahmen des Kunstfest Weimar. Foto: Thomas Müller

Gregory Maqoma | Thuthuka Sibisi Broken Chord 17-18 March

Hey, hey, hey! Have you heard the news? Sadler’s Wells Theatre is about to light up like a firecracker with the UK premiere of Broken Chord by Gregory Maqoma and Thuthuka Sibisi!

This explosive production is about The African Choir, a group of singers who travelled from South Africa to North America and England in the late 19th century to raise funds for a school. But things weren’t all sunshine and rainbows; oh no, they faced racism and all kinds of struggles on their journey.

Maqoma and Sibisi will blow our minds with a stunning blend of traditional Xhosa and contemporary dance styles, featuring the fantastic Gregory Maqoma, four soloists, and the incredible UK choir Echo Vocal Ensemble. They will lay it all out, showing us what it’s like to move beyond the constraints of the white gaze and speak to urgent issues of migration, dispossession, borders, and paths of forced closure.

This production is not only about the past; oh no, it speaks to us right now, here in the present. It’s a personal and global journey, shining a light on an important but often disregarded story in South African and British history.

And let’s remember the cherry on top! Broken Chord tours to Canada and Philharmonie de Paris – Cité de la Musique in Paris, with more dates in the United States to be announced shortly. So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets, call your friends, and prepare for an electrifying performance that will blow your socks off!

So head to the Ticket Office or book online at Sadler’s Wells to get your hands on tickets priced at £15-45. It’s going to be a night to remember! 

Take advantage of this exciting event, folks! It’s a rare opportunity to witness a production that’s not only visually stunning but also packs a powerful message. So please mark your calendars and get ready to be transported to another world, where dance and music come together to tell a story that’s as relevant today as it was over a century ago. See you there!

1 hour (no interval)

Gregory Maqoma | Thuthuka Sibisi Broken Chord 17-18 March

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