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There are various ways to achieve instant hair length in whatever style you want. All you need to decide is which hair extensions method is best for you.

Micro Weave

The hair is cornrowed very finely to create a thin and flat base. A strip of hair is sewn into the base of the cornrow. Because the hair has been braided extremely finely, a smooth flat look is achieved. This method lasts for approximately three months.

When your weave is removed you will find that some of your hair falls out. Do not be alarmed by this as we naturally shed around 80 to 100 hairs a day. this process cannot take place when a weave is attached.

Interlocking Weave

This is a technique where a strip of hair is sewn directly onto the root of the hair with a needle and thread to create a flat and natural look. There is no plaiting involved. You can treat it the same way as you would your own hair. This method lasts for approximately three months.


This method uses heat to bond the extension hair to the natural hair and can be done in two ways.

Weft Bonding: where a strip of hair or weft is cut according to the width of the head. A thermal moulding adhesive is added to the weft and bonded to the root of the hair using a hand-held hair-dryer.

This is done in sections; one row of bonding, then one row of hair to cover the bond.

Loose Bonding: where approximately 10 strands of loose hair are fused together with 10 strands of your own hair by applying thermal bonding adhesive with a hot gun or glue gun. The bond is sealed by rubbing the hair together between the fingers.

With both methods, the hair is relaxed first, then washed with an oil- free shampoo that is compatible with the bonding agent. This method does not allow you to use any pomades or oil-based products as it weakens the bond.


This begins with a single plait extension that is secured to your own hair at the base with a needle and thread. The plait is then undone leaving it strongly secured at the base of the hair.

This method can take up to eight hours depending on how fine the plaits are, but it is worth it as is can last for up to six months and allows the hair to move freely, which is not possible when using a weft.

Monofibre Hair Extensions

The monofibre extension is three times lighter than your own hair leaving you with soft looking healthy hair.

The application and removal is simple, no glues or chemicals are used, leaving your hair damage free. The hair extension is plaited into your own hair then melted a little so it stays in place.

Monofibre hair extensions are easy to maintain and last approximately 3 – 4 months.

Photo: Billie Stars

Although they were the very first hair extensions, they have been streamlined and developed to produce natural stylish looks and to date it is still the most modern and advanced hair extension system.

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