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Has Luxju Founder Revolutionised Afro Haircare?


Veronica J. launched Luxju Natural Hair Care company in February 2018 and has since sent the industry and her ever-growing patrons into an afro tizzy. As the name implies, her products leave hair feeling uber luxurious. Here, she shares how to join, and thrive in, the market. Her family is of Jamaican heritage.

What inspired you to create your product?

I think there are naturalistsa’s who can identify with having really dry hair and not being able to find products or anything on the market that can moisturise their hair.  With that in mind, the inspiration for creating the product was to have something that moisturised my hair that was made with natural ingredients. I try to maintain a healthy diet and it is important that not only what I consume is healthy but also what I apply to my hair ensuring that it is nutrient-rich and free of harmful chemicals.

Attaining moisturised, defined healthy hair is possible with great ingredients, our creme has ingredients that strengthen, moisturise, promotes growth and adds sheen. There are many products available on the market but what is key is to find those products that have natural and or organic ingredients that nourish hair.


How does it differ from what is available on the market?

I believe the difference between our products and those on the market is firstly they have been formulated with love and our primary objective of caring for the health of natural hair.

The unique thing about our Nourishing Hair Creme is that it is designed to mimic sebum the natural oils that we secrete that support hair health, moisture, and pliability.

Also, the ingredient list has some of the best natural, organic and essentials oils from around the world e.g., Neem, Baobab, Moringa, and Amla. We believe that our customers deserve the best not only for themselves but for their hair and we strive to ensure our products are made with the best ingredients because only the best is good enough. We genuinely care about our customer’s hair as much as they do.

How and where are Luxju Natural Hair products produced?

There is extensive research and development that goes into the formulation of our products in order to get it right. They are made in Texas, U.S.A

How important are natural ingredients to you?

They are very important as they are essential for optimum health of our hair and bodies. Processed and synthetic ingredients in our hair products or food do not have the necessary nutrients for the healthy functioning of cells and have short and long-term significant negative impact e.g. disease and weakened systems.

An example would be a hair product with high a concentration of mineral oil will coat the hair follicle and produce shiny hair. But will inevitably lead to dry hair as the chemical structure of mineral oil cannot penetrate the hair shaft and this is necessary for moisturised hair.

Alternatively, a natural ingredient such as coconut oil has Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids and is able to penetrate the hair shaft allowing the hair to be moisturised and also provides sheen.

What is your best-selling product?

Nourishing Hair Creme

Who is your target market?

Women who have chosen to wear their hair chemical-free.

What was the biggest hurdle in setting up your brand?

The biggest hurdle to setting up the brand was being overwhelmed with the number of tasks that have to be undertaken. When you are starting a brand the areas that require attention are marketing, legal, finance to name a few, you have to wear a number of hats that may not be in your business repertoire.

The key to overcome this is to hire qualified professionals who have the required skill set and who can perform a stellar job.

Where to Purchase Luxju Natural Hair ProductsProducts

Luxju Natural Hair Products are available online.

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