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How To Apply Makeup Primers

How To Apply Makeup Primers

Prevent a makeup meltdown with a primer for your skin type.

If you are unsure what is the purpose of a makeup primer, the clue is in the name. It is basically the foundation of your foundation. A preparatory product that is applied after your skincare routine to create an optimum canvas for long-lasting makeup. It blurs out imperfections, minimises pores and absorbs oil. It also has the advantage of preventing foundations from oxidizing that is causing the foundation to change colour.

There are many different types of primers on the market, catering to different looks or skincare needs. From mattifying to illuminating and anti-ageing to anti-acne, all serve to hydrate and protect the skin. Experiment with blurring primers to minimise the appearance of lines and pores to give the illusion of perfect skin. Go all out and check out products made specifically for eyelids and lips to prevent eyeshadow from creasing and lipstick from bleeding, respectively.

To apply, first prep your skin by cleansing and moisturising your face. Choose a light, fast fully absorbing, oil-free moisturiser. This is particularly important for those who suffer from oily skin. Less is more so create a thin base.  Squeeze out a pea-sized amount of primer and dot it over your face. Lightly rub it into your skin, in downward strokes so as not to disturb the fine hairs on your face. Allow it to sit for three to five minutes. Apply your makeup, as normal.

It is important to be aware that the same primer will not look the same on every skin type, so you need to know which ones to choose. Opt for a primer that complements your skin, gives you the effect that you want and most importantly, the type of foundation that you use. Not all products work well together. If your primer is water-based avoid an oil-based foundation on top. Apply the same rules with a silicone-based or oil-based primer with a water-based foundation. Choose your products combos carefully to ensure they work together for long-lasting and flawless makeup.

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