How To Buy Weave

Usually a case of trial and error, buying hair extensions is an art form mastered by few. How many rolls of hair do you need to buy? Should you get human or acrylic hair? How do you work out the colour code? Here’s the ultimate guide on how to buy weave.

Decide upon the hairstyle you want first, since this will determine the hair type. For example, a short, wispy haircut would require straight hair.

The colour and texture of the false hair must be similar to your own to give a more natural look, or the natural hair should be dyed or textured to suit the weave.

Avoid acrylic hair if you wish to style with heated implements, as you will be limited to one style.

Hair Palette samples of different colours. Tints set for beauty industry. Photo: vladteodor
How Much Weave To Buy For A Whole Head

Too much added hair looks bulky and fake, and the weight can be a strain on your natural hair. Sleeker looks, whether curly or straight, are more natural.

The maximum number of rolls should be two per head. Ask your hairdresser to split the weave in half along the sewn track line for a less bulky look. It works out cheaper too.

What Are The Colour Codes?

There is a standard colour code ranging from black to blonde: 1 – 3 covers different shades of black, 4 – 33, different shades of brown, 27 is copper blonde and 22 is peroxide blonde.

Do not judge the colour of the false hair under artificial light since this can be deceiving. Pop outside and scrutinise it in natural light.

Should You Dye Your Hair Before Or After The Weave Is in Place?

Pre-lighten the hair before buying the weave to avoid mistakes. Dyeing weaves should be avoided because it had already been chemically treated, i.e. relaxed and dyed, or permed and dyed. It will only dry the hair further.

Other Things To Buy

Wax based cotton thread is ideal for sewing the weave-on onto natural hair because it does not absorb water, and will therefore not weaken when the hair is washed. Detangling shampoo is a must to avoid knotty hair and oil sheen gives the a hair a glossy look.

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