Care For Your Wig

How To Care For Your Wig

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How To Care For Your Wig

Whether you have an expensive wig made of real hair or a cheap synthetic hairpiece, its appearance can quickly deteriorate if it is not cared for properly. Just like your natural hair, you need to care for your wig to keep it in good condition and shape. These wigs need lot of attention, and like your own hair, they should be cleaned with shampoo, dried, and conditioned to preserve its natural look and feel.

If you do not have the time or inclination to adhere to a strict wig maintenance routine, opt for a synthetic blend wig resembling human hair. This is a general guideline on how to care for your wig however you must strictly follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer.

How to Shampoo Your Wig

Washing is essential to the maintenance of wigs. How often you need to clean your wig depends upon a number of factors such as your environment, lifestyle and how often you wear it.

It is advisable to clean it every fortnight if you wear it on a daily basis, although in a hot and humid climates you should shampoo more frequently – after six or eight uses.

However, if you often style your wig, are active athletically, or exposed to dust and dirt, the wig should then be washed at least once a week.

Care For Your Wig

Invest in a good wig shampoo or alternatively, use a gentle baby shampoo.

Avoid harsh cleaning products. Apply a teaspoonful of shampoo to a basin of cold water. Gently shake out the wig and submerge into the soapy water. Do not scrunch or twist the hairpiece, simply swirl it in the water. Soak for approximately five minutes.

Rinse the wig in cold water to remove all traces of shampoo. For the best results, apply a wig conditioner then rinse thoroughly.

How To Dry Your Wig

When you have finished rinsing, gently squeeze out the excess water from the wig without twisting it.

Ideally, the excess water should be blotted out with a towel, and then the wig should be left to dry on a separate towel or placed on a wig stand made of wire.

The wig should be air-dried. A blow dryer should never be applied to a wig, and the wig should not be exposed to direct sunlight or direct heat. Exposing a wig to any source of heat will ruin it.

When the wig is dry, it can then be styled using a wig comb or a wig brush, or even with just the fingertips.

Care For Your Wig
How Will To Style Your Wig

A wig can be cut and styled as desired but for the best results it should be taken to a professional wig stylist who will customise it.

Most good quality synthetic wigs require very little care and maintenance since they retain the curl, wave, texture and volume due to the ‘memory’ of the monofilament hair fibre.

However, they cannot be coloured, permed or curled with thermal tools. Therefore, styling is limited with cheap wigs.

For more flexibility, a human hair wig is the best choice especially if you wear it on a daily basis. Whilst these wigs are more expensive, you can colour it, cut it and curl it just like you would your own hair because it is real hair.

To create curls on a wig, liquid mousse specially formulated for wigs may be applied, and then the strands of the wig are gently twisted and scrunched to make them curl. To leave a wig’s locks straight and smooth, apply liquid wig mousse and brush it lightly.

Storing the wig is also crucial in maintaining its condition and quality. Invest in a wig stand to retain the shape and form of the hairpiece. Before it is stored away, however, the wig should be brushed or fluffed out using a wig comb or a brush made with wire.

How To Store Your Wig

After the wig is placed on its stand, it should then be covered with a hair net to protect it from dirt and dust. The wig on the wig stand should always be kept in a place that is far away from heat and humidity, as well as free from dust.