Get The Best From Your Hairdresser
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How To Get The Best From Your Hairdresser

How To Get The Best From Your Hairdresser 

They say a person’s best friend is his or her hairdresser. But how times have you left the salon with a hairstyle other than the one you had hoped for?  The key to get the best  from your hairdresser is communication. Follow this guideline of Do’s and Don’ts and you cannot go wrong.


… Command control over what happens to your hair at the salon. It is up to you to work vigorously at having your hair cut and styled in the way that you want rather than the way that your hairdresser does. The key is communication.

… Ask your hairdresser questions at each stage, informing him or her of your likes and dislikes from the smallest detail, such as which side you prefer your parting to the way you like to wear your fringe.

… Challenge your state of mind when deciding on a new haircut. Ask yourself why you decided to change your hairstyle, whether it would suit you and if  you will like the new you.

Get The Best From Your Hairdresser

… Ask your hairdresser to show you how to maintain your hairstyle between visits to the salon. You need to know which products and tools are best suited for your hairstyle.

… Take your budget into account when deciding on a new hairstyle. Make sure you are able to afford to retouch and treat on a regular basis to keep it in tiptop shape.

… Go for a shape that will last a couple of months if you cannot get the salon regularly. You can steam treat your hair at home.

… Leave your day free to spend most of it at an Afro hair salon. It takes longer to tend to Afro hair than European hair because of the chemical processes involved.

Get The Best From Your Hairdresser

Avoid Saturdays and book an appointment in the morning rather than leaving it late in the day when your hairdresser is only thinking about going home.


… Be afraid to bring in a magazine cutting of the hairstyle you like. It is the best way of showing your hairdresser the look that you want. Listen if he or she says that it will not suit you. Ask why, but do not assume that she or he is being unkind.

Get The Best From Your Hairdresser

… Make impulsive decision on a new hairstyle. It often proves to be disastrous.

… Ever allow a trainee to practice on your hair – even if it will be less expensive. If you are a regular at the salon, you can request the stylist you want.

… Be fooled into thinking that you can takeover where your hairdresser has left off now that your hair is in tiptop condition. Never chemically processed your hair at home – it is the kiss of death.

… Ignore your hairdresser’s advice about what salon products you should use. It might seem like a sales pitch but who better to know what is best for your hair? If you can find the same product cheaper elsewhere then buy it but professional products can generally only be found in salons.

… Feel obligated to tip your hairdresser, particularly if you are dissatisfied with the results or the bill is already too high. If you are happy with the look, add approximately 10% of the total cost but if you are still in doubt, ask your hairdresser to suggest an amount. Should you tip the hair washer, stylist, colourist and cutter? The best way to deal with this is to give the main hairdresser a handsome amount and ask him or her to divide out accordingly.

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