Mixed race hair

How To Nourish Mixed Race Hair

How To Nourish Mixed Race Hair

When it comes to hair, the world is not divided by colour or ethnicity but by hair texture! Afro hair and mixed race hair are two such fine examples and even then, there are sub-genres in each. There are various types of waves, coils, thickness of the hair strand and porosity (how much moisture the hair can absorb) that all needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to hair maintenance.

When it comes to choosing products for mixed race hair, it is a minefield. Generally, Afro hair is made up of one percent moisture whilst Caucasian hair is three percent. Mixed race hair falls somewhere in the middle.

Mixed race hair
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Whilst afro products commonly deals with dry hair and scalp problems, Caucasian haircare products battles with oiliness.

Neither are suitable for mixed race hair as afro products are typically too heavy, leaving the hair greasy or flat whilst products for white people can be drying, stripping the hair of natural oils.

Whilst there are now numerous haircare ranges specifically aimed at mixed race people, there is not one miracle product that fits all. You need to experiment and see what works for you and maintain a strict haircare regime for the best results.

How To Control Mixed Race Hair
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  • Curly hair should be combed when it is wet, as dry combing can damage it, as it tends to put stress on the hair shaft and cause breakage.
Mixed race hair
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  • Allow the hair to dry naturally or invest in a hood hairdryer to maintain the definition of your curls.
  • Over-wash your hair as washing it every day will strip it of its natural oils and cause it to dry out.
  • Use a brush or comb on dry hair which may cause hair loss. Use a wide toothed comb on wet hair, using a good quality conditioner or detangle spray.
  • Towel dry to maintain a defined curl pattern
  • Blow-dry your hair which creates frizziness.
  • Chemically relax which will take the body out of it leaving you with a flat mop of hair.
Mixed race hair
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  • Pull the hair back with a clip or tie whilst it is still damp. The hair naturally wants to curl when it is wet so by placing a restraint on its movement will exert pressure on the hair shaft causing it to break. Wait until hair is dry before styling.

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