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How To Remain Holy In Christian Dating

How To Remain Holy In Christian Dating

Dating usually brings all sorts of temptations and if you are a Christian you are going to have more restraint than most. There are many people who consider Christianity a crucial requirement for a life partner. This is a guide on how to remain holy in Christian dating.

1. Do Not Abandon The Rules of The Bible When It Suits

There are a number of rules in the Bible that will dictate your dating life. It is your job to stick to them. The most obvious one is to not having sex before marriage.

2. Take Your Time

Marriage, especially good marriages, are under constant threat in today’s atmosphere of Generation Swipe. Take your time to look for the right person, get to know them and do not be too hasty to judge.

3. Ask Important Questions

Ask potential partners what type of relationship do they want. If they say they are looking for marriage, or he or she want some security in life, or maybe they just follow a career for now, those are the honest answers and you should act accordingly.

4. Yes, You Can Find Christian Love Online

As there is considerable demand for Christian minded people to find a partner, there has been an increase in the number of Christian dating sites that have emerged on the Internet. There are generally strict guidelines before people can become members of Christian dating sites and for this reason the sites tend to have a lower membership count than many of the general dating sites. The upside of this however is the fact that the clientele is more targeted so you can be assured that you will only be looking in a market where you are sure that the people online will have the background that you are interested in. There are free and paid Christian dating sites with the free sites earning their income from the advertising that is displayed on the site.

These sites allow you to post a picture of yourself and your profile giving other members the chance to see what your interests are. When a suitable candidate is found the members can make contact with one another and determine if they would like to interact further after corresponding online. This offers a safe environment and also makes it a lot easier for those people who are too shy to make contact with others in offline dating situations, such as parties, clubs and so on. Many Christian dating sites also arrange events where people can meet one another in a safe environment, such as dances, dinners and in some instances holidays or weekend travel.

Christian dating sites cater for all age groups and personal situations, from young singles to elders and those who have lost their partners through bereavement or divorce. If Christianity is an important aspect of your lifestyle then Christian dating sites might be just what you are looking for.

Photo: Nappy

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