Survive Valentine's Day

How To Survive Valentine’s Day & Not Go Mental

Once again we are moving towards that time of year when all the shops are festooned with reminders of romance, coupledom and love, and television advertising adds salt to the wound. Believe it or not,  you can survive Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating romantic love. As a single person, it could be a time of feeling lonely, wondering if that loving partner you have been waiting for will ever show up. You might even feel annoyed with all the fuss over one day, dedicated to celebrating a romantic connection with another.

It is an unwelcome reminder for many singles who are longing for a loving connection with their beloved. But it doesn’t have to be like that. It is possible to enjoy Valentine’s Day without your beloved by your side, or gazing at you from across your candlelit restaurant table.

Some Things to Consider To Survive Valentine’s Day

The first step to creating something in your life is to see it in your imagination. Everything ever created has started out as an idea. Imagine if Edison gave up on the 9,999th time, his invention would never have come to pass. It is essential to believe not only that you deserve to experience a fulfilling love life with your beloved, but also to believe it can and will happen. What you believe is what you will experience. Your lack of belief and fear it may never happen is likely what is pushing away the thing you most want to experience! Which belief is more likely to lead to success?

The belief that you are not worthy, less than deserving, or that it is never going to happen because it hasn’t so far.


The belief that you are worthy, you deserve and you will attract the right person, who will love and value you simply for being you?

Rumi said “That which you seek is seeking you.” It stands to reason, that the soul mate you are in search of is also in search of you. Are you ready and available for this person? If you are holding on to any hurts or still feel a longing for a previous partner, this will block you from attracting your soul mate. Here are three key things you must do to clear the space for your beloved to enter your life:

Heal and let go of your past. Create an emotional and physical space for your beloved to step into. Know that your beloved will appear when you are ready and available.

One of the most important things is to fully embrace your ability to make positive choices for yourself. This a more empowering place to live your life. You don’t have to say yes to someone because you think you might be single for the rest of your life if you say no. Saying yes to someone who isn’t your true soul mate, will block your true love! Don’t settle for less.

How easy would it be to pretend for the rest of your life to be someone you aren’t? Practice being your true self. Get to know yourself. Fall in love with yourself. Know that you are perfect exactly as you are, warts and all! Your soul mate will love you for who you are. When you are your authentic self, others in your life show up as their authentic selves. Only then can your relationships be truly genuine.

Einstein said, “The sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!” Dare to try something different. Get up. Get out and get socialising!

And wrap yourself up in your circle of love.

Survive Valentine’s Day With A Circle of Love


Find and live in a state of safety, protection, love, hope, excitement, passion, play, fun, freedom, and generate the conditions to find and attract your soul mate.

Inner Most Circle

This is the relationship you have with you. Love yourself NO MATTER WHAT. Create the experiences you wish to enjoy with another for yourself first. Enjoy your life, with fun, passion, excitement and love. Live your life on purpose, daily. Create a daily practice of self-love.

Intimate Circle

The people in your life you include and welcome into your circle. These are people you love and who love you. Recognise and acknowledge how much love you already have in your life. Remember, only those you want to have in this circle can be there.

Outer Circle

Believe it or not, you are connected to everyone on the planet. We all share one common desire. The desire to be loved unconditionally. The more you share the more you receive. Open yourself up to giving love because the more you give love the more you receive love.

You never need to feel alone, or that love is something outside of yourself. Your Circle of Love will help you manifest a soul mate relationship. It is available to you at all times, there is only one thing you must do on a daily basis. Choose love.

Don’t go mental this Valentine’s. Survive Valentine’s  Day.

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