How To Wear Perfume Without Suffocating The Senses

Some women like to smell good, others use perfume to make a grand statement as they enter a room and to leave an impression as they go out; but most people want to enhance their own natural scent so that they are seductive and appealing to the opposite sex. What ever your reasons, to get the best reactions, here is your ultimate guide on how to wear perfume.

Some women simply do not know how to wear perfume. We have all been in the presence of someone that has excessively doused themselves in their favourite scent. This is not only overwhelming for all in their wake but, for asthmatics or people with allergies, it is more than a mere annoyance. It is a health menace.


Since it is so easy to recognise when someone else is wearing way too much perfume, it should be just as easy to recognise when you, yourself, are the perfume-bathed culprit, right?

Not true. When a woman douses herself with a fragrance they are unaware that they do not have the same sensitive sense of smell that most people do. This can occur for a variety of reasons.

Some people simply do not have a very strong sense of smell. They cannot determine aroma unless it is very strong. If you notice that other people seem to smell things that you cannot, it is likely that your sense of smell is less than stellar.

Just because it does not smell very strong to you after an application does not mean that other people will not smell it. Scent is designed to waft in their air after you, not necessarily linger about your presence like an overwhelming cloud.

Years of cigarette smoking can impact someone’s sense of smell. An attempt to cover up cigarette smoke also tends to lead to over dosing on aromatic fragrances. It does not work. You simply smell like smoke and too much fragrance. The basic rule of application to is to avoid overdosing. It is that simple. Spray the scent upwards in the air directly in front of you and then walk through it. Spraying it directly on your skin or your clothes can easily lead to an accidental overspray.

The Pulse Points

Some ladies may wish to apply perfume to their pulse points. These are the locations on the body where the blood vessels are closest to the skin – basically anywhere you can feel a heartbeat. The pulse points are warmer than other areas of the body.

As you wear your perfume throughout your day, it will react with your body heat, emit the scent, and give a stronger presence. This allows you to use less perfume.

The pulse points are located at the inner wrists, the base of the throat, behind the ear lobes, in the cleavage, behind the knees, and the inner elbows.

Tip: Now that you know how to wear perfume, it is time to shop around for the best fit for you at the best price available. Nowadays, online stores usually sell perfumes at a better price than most of the department stores or retail outlet, as they have lower overheads. They also can carry a lot more varieties of brands. You can also search for great deals on Amazon.

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