Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE
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KOL Cosmetics Debuts At Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE!

KOL Cosmetics Debuts At Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE!

Join the KOL Cosmetics team (see photos below!) and special guests at Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE. KOL Cosmetics will be exhibiting their products at Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE 2018: the biggest hair and beauty experience for the woman of colour.

From popular and well-known brands to upcoming brands, you will be able to interact with the people who can help you to get the most out of your favourite product.

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Why Visit KOL Cosmetics?

  • Exclusive show discounts – pick up your favourite eyelash or mineral foundation powder at a reduced price!
  • Meet one of the hottest beauty editors in the industry, Glam Africa’s Kehryse Jonson-Fraser!
  • Find out how to apply eyelashes!
  • Free raffle to win tickets for the next The KOL Social Event!

Beauty Guest Spot – Meet Glam Africa’s Kehryse Jonson-Fraser! 

Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE
Photo: Kehryse Jonson-Fraser @glamafricamag

Stuck in a beauty rut or in need of some expert advice?

 If you fancy mixing up your make-up look or finding the perfect red lippie, now’s your chance.

Glam Africa’s Beauty Editor Kehryse Jonson-Fraser will be at the KOL stand (113) in Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE on Sunday 27th May 2018 at 2pm, to answer your burning beauty questions.

Whether you want to know how to apply the new season’s pastel colours on dark skin (it will be a thing, you’ll see), know the best serum to go with the best primer, or just chat about Black Cultural Archives (her other specialist subject) , you can.

When? 2pm Sunday 27th May 2018 at the KOL Cosmetics Stand 113


About KOL Cosmetics

Founded by former editor of Pride Magazine, Marcia Degia, KOL Cosmetics offers both luxury 3D silk eyelashes and mineral powder foundations for women of colour.

KOL Cosmetics
KOL Cosmetics Animal Cruetly-Free Silk Eyelashes

Lashes: With 10 styles of natural-looking false eyelash strips that are handmade and 100% silk, KOL Cosmetics has something for everyone.

Ranging from uber wispie to the wide-eye babydoll effect, it is a must have for all eyelash addicts!

Powders: Made from the finest natural ingredients that are suitable for all lifestyles and religions, including vegan and Halal, KOL Cosmetics offers 15 shades of mineral powder foundations.

Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE is being held on 27 -28th MAY 2018 at The Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH, UK. Opening Times 10.30AM – 18.00PM

Visit KOL Cosmetics At Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE at our booth in: Stand 113

Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE
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