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Living In Colour Well-Being Event

The luxurious Homegrown Club in Marylebone, London, was the setting for our well-being event - KOL Social Magazine hosted Living In Colour.

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On a cold but sunny day in January, the luxurious Homegrown Club in Marylebone, London, was the setting for our well-being event. In collaboration with Cocktails & Conversations, KOL Social Magazine hosted “Living In Colour,” a day filled with enriching experiences, from insightful discussions to creative vision boarding, all complemented by a delicious brunch.

The Gathering of Minds and Spirits

As the clock struck 11 am, the venue began to fill with a diverse crowd, each person bringing their unique energy and excitement. The day promised insightful talks, hands-on workshops, and networking with like-minded individuals. The atmosphere was electric, with anticipation hanging in the air.

Attendees were from various backgrounds – entrepreneurs, creatives, wellness enthusiasts, and thought leaders, each bringing their unique perspective and energy to the well-being event.

Guests mingled, exchanging greetings and introductions, as the hum of excited chatter filled the room. Business cards were exchanged, stories were shared, and the air was thick with the potential of new friendships and professional alliances being formed.

A Journey into Mindfulness and Meditation

At 11:30 am, the room’s energy shifted as Tibetan bowl meditation commenced. The resonating sounds created a cocoon of calm, guiding attendees into a state of focused tranquillity. This meditative session was not just about relaxation; it was an invitation to introspect to connect with one’s inner self, a rare opportunity in the hustle of modern life.

Insights from Experts

Dr. Dev Patel, an award-winning aesthetician, shared his expertise on the psychology of attraction and the importance of being confident in one’s skin. His talk was informative and transformative, providing practical advice on self-perception and social dynamics.

The well-being event also featured VIP experiences, including luxury beauty treatments by Perfect Skin Solutions and Earthy Nail Polish, and tarot readings by Lily’s Tarot. These sessions offered a personalised touch, making the well-being event a learning experience and a day of pampering and self-care.

Post-brunch, the event took a deep dive into the complexities of modern relationships. Gaia Beck, the founder of Cocktails & Conversations, delivered an enlightening talk, sharing her wisdom and insights. Her session was interactive, engaging the audience in a meaningful dialogue about navigating the ever-evolving landscape of personal relationships.

Evelina Dzimanaviciute, a psychologist and neuroscientist, then led a transformational mindset mastery session. She educated attendees on how to control their thoughts, change their mindset, and unlock their full potential. Her session was a blend of scientific knowledge and practical application, resonating deeply with the audience.

Vision Boarding: Turning Dreams into Reality

The day culminated in a guided vision boarding exercise. This creative process involved translating the day’s learnings and insights into visual representations. Attendees were provided with magazines, markers, and boards, turning the exercise into a tactile and engaging experience. It was a powerful way to end a day filled with intellectual and emotional stimulation.

Living In Colour Well-Being Event Guests

Community and Well-being Event

The success of the well-being event also reflected our partners’ strong community and wellness values. Emily McTavish, Brand Manager at Authentic Beauty Concept UK & Ireland, expressed her enthusiasm for being part of the event: “Well-being and community are part of our Core DNA here at Authentic Beauty Concept. This made the decision to be a part of the KOL Social Well-Being Day & Brunch an easy one. We were thrilled to support the KOL team and their initiatives and hope everyone had a lovely time!”

As the day drew to a close, it was evident that “Living In Colour” was more than just an event; it was a transformative experience. It provided a platform for personal growth, networking, and community building. The range of activities, from meditation to vision boarding, catered to various aspects of personal development.

The event left an indelible mark on its attendees. It was a reminder of the power of gathering, sharing, and growing together. 

Event images: Nigel R Glasgow

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