See below for an issue-by-issue listing of the 2022 copy deadlines for KOL Social print and digital advertising, and loose inserts/outserts.


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Magazine Production Deadlines 2022


On Sale Date Theme Booking Due Copy Due Inserts Due
4 March
#11 Spring
Environment 24-Jan-2022 28-Jan-2022 11-Feb-2022
10 June
#12 Summer
The Outsiders 3-May-2022 6-May-2022 20-May-2022
1 September 
#13 Autumn
Power & Influence 25-Jul-2022 29-Jul-2022 15-Aug-2022
1 December
#14 Winter
The Disruptors 24-Oct-2022 28-Oct-2022 11-Nov-2022

Print specifications
FULL PAGE 240×168 243×171  
Double Page Spread Material 

Each page of a double page spread will need to be supplied as two separate single page files (1 x DPS = 2 x Full Pages).

If your spread has an image that runs across the spine of the magazine, The KOL Social recommends you apply double imaging. Double imaging allowance is 3mm each side of the centre which is to be included in the trim not additional to the trim size.


Digital files will not be accepted on disk or via email. For more information regarding digital delivery services contact [email protected] It is important to include the booking numbers for each ad when sending digital files to The KOL Social. These numbers will become part of the filename and will assist The KOL Social in tracking your ad. For our Technical Specifications contact [email protected]


The KOL Social will only take responsibility for colour reproduction if a digital proof is supplied. Proofs will be held for three months for repeat material instructions. Further proofing information is available on the The KOL Social website. While production processes and material may vary, the onus is firmly on the agency or trade house to supply material within specifications.