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Influence #15


  • Got To Have Faith: Exploring the universal quest for meaning
  • Social Power: BFI film season celebrates Harry Belafonte
  • Farm And Fortune: Investor’s groundbreaking work in rural England.
  • The Gift Edit: Insightful ideas for seasonal gifting
  • Single Minded: Jewellery Designer Emefa Cole’s Ethical Revolution 
  • Fashion Trends: Six key trends shaping the current fashion scene

This collector’s edition marks the final quarterly release of KOL Social Magazine, your trusted source for luxury living and diverse stories. 

Influence #14

Highlights Welcome to issue 14, focused on the theme of “Disruptors”. In this issue, we delve into the world of underwater exploration and hear from storyteller Tara Roberts on her journey to uncover the secrets of slave ships. We also shift our gaze to photojournalist Daniella Zalcman and her unique perspective on photojournalism. Join us on a journey to the aqueous city of Ganvie and discover the top 10 Black Art galleries in London. We also feature singer Lalah Hathaway

Influence #13

Highlights – Follow us to Barbados and discover eco-tourism opportunities that will leave you in awe. Join us in celebrating Angela Ferreira’s blazing success in UK TV and Stephen C. Byrd’s theatre royalty status. Immerse yourself in the artwork of Yermine Richardson and discover the powerful world of Bolivia’s all-female wrestlers in The Good Fight. Uncover the complexities of the Japanese schoolgirl industry, and remember to check out our KOL Social Beauty supplement for free! 

Outsiders #12

Highlights – Theme: Outsiders: Join us as we explore the powerful insights of activist Sophie Williams in Beware the Glass Cliff. Delve into the Black Food Movement and discover the delicious ways it is changing the culinary world. Get an exclusive interview with the talented US-Asian artist Yowshien Kuo and explore the harsh reality of Quranic schools in our Feature section. And that’s just the beginning! Our Travel feature takes you to the stunning Moroccan city of Fez, while the Diversity Groups Directory offers you a comprehensive business directory. Plus, remember to grab our KOL Social Beauty Supplement for FREE!

Black Earth #11

Highlights – Join us as we explore Julian Lennon‘s transformative visit to Colombia’s Kogi tribe and discover why it’s an experience he’ll never forget in Putting the Planet First. Actress Kathryn Drysdale shares her thoughts on race, royals, and rites of passage in Bridging the Gap, while marine biologist Diva Amon takes us on a Deep Dive to understand why we must protect our planet. Our Up Close and Personal feature showcases the stunning photography of Gregory Prescott, challenging the perception of fine art. And that’s not all! Our feature, Fallen from Grace, shows how a last stop for widowed women can also be a place of new beginnings. Join us on a journey to Jerusalem as we immerse ourselves in this beautiful city’s sights, smells, and flavours. 

Create #10

Highlights –  Join us as we explore the Beats and the powerful message of Black History through the music of singer Amethyst. Discover the stunning artwork of Zeh Palito, and how she elevates marginalised communities in our feature, In Living Colour. Plus, join us at the UK Premiere of African Redemption: The Life and Legacy of Marcus Garvey, a KOL Social Event in collaboration with BFI Southbank. Our feature, The Space Between, showcases the stunning photography of Kalpesh Lathigra, as he explores the connection between people, places, and practice. 

Privilege #9

Highlights –Explore Ghana’s world-class street-fighting scene in Boxing Factory and discover how ancient tradition is defended in modern Mexico in Guardians of the Land. We’re also talking mouth jewellery in Everybody Grills, and make sure to attend our exclusive interview with Gina Yashere, who zooms in from sunny LA. Plus, get a glimpse into Tokyo, the megacity that always keeps going.

Freedom #8

Highlights – Join us for an exclusive interview with Chronixx as he opens up about his part in Jamaica’s reggae revival. Director Peter Murimi’s new film offers an intimate portrayal of being gay in Kenya. We’re also looking at Africa’s grassroots surfing community in Crest of a Wave and exploring Botswana‘s mineral and ecological riches in Destination Diamonds. Then, prepare some food for thought as we explore how restaurateurs worldwide are shaking up the dining experience

Access #7

Highlights – Outspoken activist Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu shares her insights on the fight against white supremacy, while artist Emeka Ogboh leads a repatriation campaign. Director Desmond Ovbiagele shares the harrowing story of how the production crew of his Oscar-nominated film almost got executed. Plus, we’re calling out social media influencers for exploiting local communities. Meet Musa Motha, a talented young amputee dancer, on our front cover. Award-winning photographer James Fisher offers stunning photographs and insights into the Maasai tribe. And take advantage of our feature on the legacy of cornrow hair, plus plenty of art, book, film, podcast, and product recommendations. Seasoned thespian Adrian Lester also share.

Community #6

Highlights – KOL Social continues to present an alternative photographic view of the world and includes features on scarifications and the pain of cultural appropriation; challenges on notions of identity; actress Nina Toussaint-White on how BLM has sparked tough conversations; an interview with Brixton’s award-winning writer, Alex Wheatle MBE; a report on the plight of asylum seekers in Calais

Identity #5

Highlights – Theme: Identity. We delve into the rich history of yoga and its twisted heritage, providing a fresh perspective on this ancient art form. Additionally, we challenge traditional notions of English heritage and promote diversity and inclusivity. Are you looking to enhance your makeup skills? Our magazine has got you covered! Our latest issue features an in-depth tutorial on contouring like a pro with expert tips and product recommendations. Also, check out our diverse business directory and so much more.

Future #4

Highlights: The Conservation issue sheds light on the impact of money and labels on our environment and society. Kofi Owusu Bempah, the co-founder of PASH Global, discusses how he combines his legal and cultural background to empower developing countries through social investing. Asifa Lahore, Britain’s first out Muslim drag queen, shares her perspective on being her authentic self while navigating the challenges of labels used to define her identity. The issue also addresses the impact of labels on society, such as the use of the term BAME and its limitations in representing the diverse experiences of different ethnicities. UK 

Future #3

Highlights: This month, our collective of entrepreneurs share editorial space with two critical leaders of ‘blue ocean’ businesses. Percy Miller, aka Master P, outlines his blueprint for success whilst Olivier Laouchez, Founder of multimedia brand Trace, headlines in our business section. Both are great examples of how a minority-owned business could leverage unique differences and talents to identify untapped market spaces. Moreover, they may inspire more mainstream organisations to use the power of diversity to grow new markets mindfully. We talk to Nana Offoriatta Ayim, author of The God Child, about her powerful debut book

Colour #2

Highlights: Autumn is the perfect time for the Colour Issue. However, the focus is not only on colour but on people of colour. The issue addresses the issue of labels such as Black, Brown, BAME, and POC and the potential offence caused by these terms. While the term POC can exclude non-Afro-Caribbean individuals, it also offers a sense of solidarity among non-white individuals and acknowledges their shared experiences of discrimination. The magazine discusses the daily struggles people face due to the colour of their skin. In this regard, the issue features commentary on How To Survive The Corporate World While Black.

Black History Month # 1

Highlights: The Black History Month Issue. We kick-start with Magical Bones, aka Richard Essien, as our cover story. He talks about his breakdancing magic on page 26. Black History Month, however, and the celebration of Black achievement should not and will not end at the close of the month.