Make Your Eyelashes Last Longer: 7 Deadly Sins

Make Your False Eyelashes Last Longer - false eyelash guide

We were all born beauty sinners! With so many better things to do, if there is a quicker route to getting to the end of our daily routine we’re going to take it. It’s no different when it comes to caring for your false eyelashes. Good quality eyelashes can last for as much as up to 20 – 25 uses if well cared for so it is worth investing on a good pair, rather than a cheaper product. Whether they are mink or silk lashes, how you care for the lashes after each wear will determine how long they last. Here’s 7 deadly sins to avoid to make your false eyelashes last longer.

1. Pulling Your Lash Hairs

Make your false eyelashes last longer by giving a lot of TLC. Treat your false lashes in the same way that you treat your own lashes and be very gentle as you remove them from your eyelids. Starting at the outer corner, pull away from the band and not the hairs or you will risk losing them. Apply the same rule when you are removing the eyelashes from the tray, using a tweezer if you wish.


2. Using An Eyelash Curler On Your Falsies

Eyelash curling makes your eyes look larger however it can cause damage to the delicate hairs of false eyelashes. Curl your natural eyelashes prior to applying your falsies.

3. Applying Mascara On Your Fake Lashes

Once you have curled your natural lashes, apply mascara before placing the false eyelashes. This will allow them to last longer. Once your falsies are in place, simply squeeze the hairs together with your natural lash hairs.

4. Not Cleaning Your Lashes

When you remove your false eyelashes you will see a thin layer of glue on the band. It is important that you remove it because over time it will harden and result in them becoming un-reusable. Hold the eyelash with one hand and gently peel off the glue from the band. Be careful not to pull out the hairs.

Investing in good quality eyelashes means that can you re-use them. However, it is important to make sure that you clean the lashes after you wear them or you run the risk of eye infections. Place the false eyelashes on a tissue and firmly hold the band to prevent them from moving around. Dip cotton buds into oil-free eye makeup remover and moving from the band to tip, wipe the bud along the lashes to remove all makeup.

Avoid oil-based products since these leave a residue on the eyelash band and will have an adverse affect on the glue, rendering it useless. Further, since your false eyelashes are in direct contact with your skin, you do not want to use any harsh chemicals to clean them.

5. Sleeping In Your Falsies

You should remove your lashes along with your makeup before going to bed. Not only would be it be very uncomfortable to sleep in, it is also unhygienic. And who wants to wake up with an eyelash stuck somewhere randomly on your face?

6. Soaking Your Eyelashes

It is vital that you keep your false eyelashes clean but soaking them in water or any other liquid will ruin the curl of the lashes. To make the false eyelashes last longer, give them a quick rinse and let them dry naturally.

7. Not Storing In Its Protective Box

False eyelashes of good quality will arrive in a sturdy box. The eyelashes themselves will be placed on moon-shaped trays. To ensure that your false eyelashes last longer, place the them back onto the trays when not in use and close the storage box. Keep your eyelashes out of direct sunlight to prevent any change of colour or the band to warp.

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Photo: Courreges, Imaxtree