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20 Ways Men Will Test Your Patience. This Is What Do

Men will test women in relationships. Women need to be on their guard right from the beginning and react accordingly or it is hell to pay. It is so blatant, it’s subtle. It is right out there in the open and obvious to other men (and a few women) but for the most part, they go completely undetected. Men will test women for maybe  a mere few weeks, or the entire liaison (at which point the coupledom is likely to implode, but more about that later).

Ladies, have you ever noticed that at some point in the beginning of your relationship, you find that your ‘beau’ has inexplicably pushed your patience to the utter limit? It comes in various forms. He may think that it is perfectly acceptable to ignore you when in the company of his mates, make a last minute date on a Saturday night or blatantly flirt with the ‘Ho-bag waitress right under your nose. Of course, there are a lot worse examples of how men will test your patience.

So what’s this all about? What could he possibly get from it? By testing a woman, a man gauges how much he can get away with. In other words, whether you are a pushover or not. Believe it or not, men do not want a woman that they can fully control. But given the opportunity, they will milk it to the hilt.

Men know and are prepared for women to respond to their Neanderthal behaviours in generally one of three ways: that they will take immediate flight; they will silently give him a couple of chances until eventually they take flight or begrudgingly stick it out under the misguided belief that ‘men will be men’.

Mmm… seems like a lose/ lose situation, ladies, right? Not so fast. No need to run for the hills just yet. You just need to know how men will test your patience and how to deal with it.

Decoding the Intricate Dance of Relationships: Why Men Will Test Women

In the intricate world of relationships, there exists a phenomenon known as “Men will test women.” It’s a curious practice that often goes unnoticed, yet it plays a significant role in the dynamics of romantic partnerships. This article aims to explore this intriguing aspect of relationships, shedding light on why men engage in such behaviour and how women can navigate these challenges. Buckle up as we delve into the complexities of human connection.


Understanding the Phenomenon

“Men will test women in relationships.” This enigmatic phrase hints at a peculiar aspect of male behaviour that can leave women bewildered and frustrated. It is essential to recognise that this phenomenon occurs right from the beginning of a relationship, often catching women off guard. It manifests in various forms, from seemingly innocent actions to more blatant provocations.

Men Will Test Women: The Initial Signs

Have you ever experienced the feeling that your partner, your ‘beau,’ is pushing your patience to its limits during the initial stages of your relationship? This is where the testing begins. It can take on various forms, such as your partner ignoring you in the company of friends, making last-minute plans on a Saturday night, or even flirting with others in your presence. These actions may seem harmless at first, but they serve a purpose in the male psyche.


Men Will Test Women: The Motivation

Why do men feel compelled to test a woman’s patience? What drives them to engage in such behaviour? At its core, testing is a way for men to gauge the boundaries of a relationship and assess how much they can get away with. It’s about determining whether the woman they’re with is a pushover or not. Surprisingly, most men do not seek to dominate or control their partners entirely. However, if given the opportunity, they may exploit the situation to their advantage.

The Submissive Role and Its Consequences

For women who choose to play the submissive role in a relationship and tolerate their partner’s questionable behaviour, there are consequences to consider. When a man senses that he can act with impunity and sees his partner accepting his gross manners without objection, he’s likely to revel in his newfound freedom. This can lead to a downward spiral of disrespect and increasingly outrageous behaviour on his part.

Ultimately, as his respect for his partner dwindles, he may contemplate ending the relationship, seeking someone who won’t tolerate his misbehaviour. In such cases, women who silently endure such treatment may find themselves replaced by individuals unafraid to voice their concerns.

Men Will Test Women: The Three Typical Responses

When confronted with a man’s testing behaviour, women generally respond in one of three ways. First, some women opt for immediate flight, recognising the red flags and choosing to exit the relationship early on. Second, others may silently endure the trials, giving their partners several chances to change their ways, but eventually deciding to leave when they can no longer bear it. Finally, there are those who stick it out under the mistaken belief that “men will be men,” enduring the ups and downs of their relationship.

Men Will Test Women: Navigating the Terrain

It may seem like a lose-lose situation for women, but there’s more to this complex dynamic than meets the eye. While men will continue to test women, it doesn’t mean women have to succumb to unfavourable treatment or give up on relationships altogether. There are strategies and insights that women can employ to navigate this terrain successfully.

1. Communication is Key

One of the most effective ways to address testing behaviour is through open and honest communication. Express your feelings, set boundaries, and let your partner know when their actions are unacceptable. Often, men are unaware of the impact of their actions, and a candid conversation can lead to positive changes.

2. Self-Respect and Confidence

Maintaining self-respect and confidence is crucial. When women exude self-assuredness and assertiveness, it sends a clear message that they won’t tolerate disrespectful behaviour. Confidence can deter men from testing the boundaries in the first place.

3. Healthy Boundaries

Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries is essential in any relationship. Clearly define what is acceptable and what is not. When these boundaries are violated, take action to address the issue promptly.

4. Mutual Respect

A successful relationship thrives on mutual respect. Ensure that respect is a two-way street, with both partners treating each other with kindness and consideration.

In the intricate dance of relationships, the phrase “Men will test women” holds a deeper meaning than initially apparent. It reflects a delicate balance of power and boundaries within romantic partnerships.

While men will test the waters, women have the agency to respond assertively and set the tone for their relationships. By fostering open communication, maintaining self-respect, and establishing healthy boundaries, women can navigate the complexities of relationships with confidence and grace. Remember, it’s not a lose-lose situation; it’s an opportunity for growth and understanding in the world of love and connection.

20 Way Men Will Test Your Patience

So now you know. Men will test your patience. Just how they are going to do it is the next question. This practice involves men subtly or not-so-subtly pushing the boundaries of a relationship, often leaving women bewildered and pondering the reasons behind these actions. But not anymore. We give you 20 examples of how men will test women in various ways.

  1. Ignoring her when in the company of his friends to see her reaction.
  2. Making last-minute plans on important occasions to test her flexibility.
  3. Flirting with other women in her presence to gauge her jealousy.
  4. Cancelling plans at the last minute to test her patience.
  5. Playfully teasing her to assess her sense of humor.
  6. Purposefully not responding to her texts or calls to see if she becomes anxious.
  7. Sharing personal information with her to evaluate her trustworthiness.
  8. Making unexpected, small gestures of kindness to observe her appreciation.
  9. Discussing controversial topics to gauge her ability to handle disagreements.
  10. Initiating discussions about the future to assess her commitment level.
  11. Playfully challenging her opinions to test her confidence.
  12. Arranging surprise dates to see if she enjoys spontaneity.
  13. Introducing her to his friends or family early in the relationship to observe her adaptability.
  14. Talking about his ex-partners to gauge her insecurity.
  15. Deliberately leaving his phone unlocked to assess her trust.
  16. Testing her reliability by asking for favors or assistance.
  17. Making jokes about her appearance to gauge her self-esteem.
  18. Initiating discussions about boundaries to see how she reacts to setting limits.
  19. Giving her a thoughtful gift to observe her gratitude.
  20. Discussing sensitive topics from his past to evaluate her empathy and understanding.
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