Mineral Makeup

Mineral Makeup: Believe The Hype

Yes, believe all the hype surrounding mineral makeup! It is not just for those with sensitive skins, prone to a breakout or for vegans, it is great for anyone who is interested in maintaining the health of their skin. It can help protect against harmful UV rays due to the zinc oxide and titanium dioxide usually found in mineral powders. It is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory qualities is ideal for problem skins. What is more, due to the light-reflective  particles in the products, fine lines appear minimised. They do not call it anti-ageing for nothing!

So What Is Mineral Makeup?

So what is mineral makeup? To put it simply, mineral power is formulated with mineral ingredients such as iron oxides, talc, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide that are micronised or ground and milled into tiny particles to create makeup.Now bear in mind that not all mineral products are the same. Different products micronise to different levels. For example, a product that is micronised to 12 times create fine-sized particles that sit closer together and offer full coverage whereas those that are micronised six times leaves minerals larger and therefore gives a light to medium coverage.

The main difference from conventional cosmetics is what is excluded in mineral makeup – harsh chemicals such as parabens,  preservatives, oil, fragrance and talc. Unlike regular formulations, they generally do not contain emollient oils and waxes – and preservatives and fragrances which often what cause irritation.

Mineral Makeup

Mineral products is therefore ideal for those with sensitive skins, those which are prone to acne and, in some cases, it suits those with certain lifestyle choices that dictates their cosmetics purchases such as vegans or even Halal. Although it should be noted that Halal products have certain other requirements before it can be officially certified as such.

How To Choose Mineral Makeup?

Whether you are Halal or simply seeking a mineral product, it is important to read the packaging as sometimes, with many beauty brands jumping on the ‘natural’ bandwagon, everything is not always as it seems. Avoid products that have any ingredients that are derived from a parabens, glycerin, or alcohol. Yes, believe it or not, some mineral products include such harsh chemicals in their formulas which serve to dry out the skin.

So what should you look out for?  If you prefer a liquid or mousse, you should be aware that these products may contain ingredients such as paraben preservatives or dimethicone (silicone) which is added for a smooth texture. They may also contain moisturisers, antioxidant vitamins or other ingredients for your skin.

However you should consider that mineral makeup might not last as long on your face or be as durable as conventional makeup because it does not contain standard cosmetic ingredients such as binders, waterproof polymers, and such-like agents. Whether or not you are happy to compromise, it is up to you.

Tip: How To Apply Mineral Makeup

Mineral powders should be swept on with a brush such as a kabuki or powder brushes are great for all-over sheer coverage, while brushes with a flat head make for a slightly heavier application, and allow you to target specific areas.

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