Oscar Murillo
Oscar Murillo, Together in Our Spirits, Fundação Serralves, Porto, 2023-24

Oscar Murillo New Installation: The Flooded Garden

From 20 July to 26 August 2024, Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall will witness a transformative artistic event with Oscar Murillo new installation “The Flooded Garden.” This installation draws inspiration from the iconic waterlilies of Claude Monet and the very garden where he painted them.

Oscar Murillo: The Flooded Garden

In this unique experience, visitors are not mere spectators but active participants, invited to paint waves and water onto a monumental canvas wall. This collaborative effort will create a layered, epic painting. Before the opening, Murillo will set the stage by collaborating with various individuals to inscribe the blank canvases with words and sentences, capturing diverse individual experiences and concerns.

This will lay the foundational layer of the painting, over which the public will add wave-like, gestural brushstrokes, culminating in the creation of ‘the flooded garden’. Known for his works fostering community and collaboration, Murillo at Tate Modern is set to engage visitors in the dynamic and energising mark-making process. This initiative will result in the creation of multiple large-scale collaborative artworks inspired by Murillo’s own pieces.

Mark Miller, Director of Learning at Tate, reflects on this initiative: “We’re proud to present a brilliant year of UNIQLO Tate Play, one which demonstrates the programme’s unique role in commissioning large-scale participatory projects from world-renowned artists. Free activities, events, and digital content put play at the heart of the gallery, opening art to new and intergenerational audiences.”

Following this, UNIQLO Tate Play offers a year-round program of free activities for families at Tate Modern, encouraging people of all ages to engage in creative play together. This program is universally accessible, driven by the conviction that art and play are for everyone.

Since its launch in 2021, it has commissioned large-scale projects by renowned artists, including Rasheed Araeen, Yayoi Kusama, and Ei Arakawa. The gallery has welcomed over 415,000 participants. Building on this success, UNIQLO has extended their support for the program for another five years, from 2024 to 2029.

About Oscar Murillo

Oscar Murillo is a contemporary artist known for his diverse and multifaceted approach to art, encompassing painting, performance, drawing, and sculpture. Born in 1986 in La Paila, Colombia, Murillo’s journey to artistic recognition is marked by a blend of cultural influences and an exploration of socio-political themes.

Murillo’s family emigrated to London as a child, and this experience of migration and cultural displacement plays a significant role in his work. He studied art at the University of Westminster followed by the Royal College of Art in London. His education gave him technical skills and helped him develop a unique artistic language that draws upon his experiences and observations of the globalised world.

A raw, energetic aesthetic characterises Murillo’s artwork. His paintings often feature gestural brushstrokes and incorporate various materials and techniques, ranging from oil paint to dirt and stitched fabric. His work is known for its textural complexity and ability to evoke personal and collective narratives.

Beyond painting, Murillo’s practice includes performance and installation art, often creating interactive spaces that challenge the traditional boundaries of the gallery setting. He has a keen interest in the social aspects of art-making and frequently collaborates with communities and other artists, bringing a participatory dimension to his projects.

His exploration of themes such as labour, migration, cultural identity, and the impact of globalisation has earned him international acclaim. Murillo’s work has been exhibited in prestigious institutions worldwide and is part of several important collections.

In 2019, Murillo was awarded the Turner Prize, one of the most distinguished awards in the British art world, which was shared with the other three nominees in a gesture of solidarity and collective defiance against the political climate of the time.

Oscar Murillo continues to be a dynamic and influential figure in contemporary art, using his platform to address critical issues of our time while constantly evolving his artistic practice.

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