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Party Hair Looks For The Festive Season | For Women

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Party Hair Looks For The Festive Season

From the catwalks to the high streets, hairstyles have been fun, funky and fresh for 2018. The party season is an excuse to rev things up a gear. Take your pick from casual relaxed waves, sensuous slicked-back hair, side or centre partings, top knots and many more key trends. There is a wealth of party hair looks for the festive season for women to choose from.

Grungy Waves/ Wet Look

Grungy Waves is the wet-look hair of old was gelled to the extreme. Today is more a wind-blown look for a messier finish. An imperfect centre or side-parting and flyaway wisps over the forehead and in front of the ears to finishes the look.

Glass Hair

The key to glass hair is having beautifully conditioned hair that allows some movement and texture to shine through.


Braids, whatever the length, can get a new lease of life with bows or beads. Why not add long single braids to slicked back hair for a show-stopping entrance?

Top Knot

You may prefer the more flirty top-knot. It can be left simple or adorned with accessories for some glitz and glam. Whatever style you choose, it is all about having fun with your crowning glory.


Wear your bun wherever and however you please from the traditional style to a centre parting with a messy bun or a deep side part with a slick bun.

The Afro

Afro-centric hairstyle trends are still going strong and we do not see them backing down soon. With afros – it is not about how high can you go, but adding a unique spin on your look such as by the shape or use of accessories.

Photo credit for Afro Hairstyles 2019, SS19 Shows | Women: Imaxtree Main: Jour Ne SS19

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