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Scrubz Of London


Review: Scrubz Of London Natural Body Scrubs

Scrubz Of London Natural Body Scrubs smell so good you will almost want to eat them. In fact, the body scrubs are so pure, some of the fruits are actually picked from the founder’s allotment that has been in the family  for 25 years.

This conscientious skincare brand has gone back to basics, steering clear of chemicals and instead use food-grade ingredients, making their products in small batches. What’s more, there are 16 delicious flavours to choose from.

Scrubz Of London
Scrubz Of London

Scrubz Of London, started by Nina Simao who is of Jamaican/ African heritage and based in south east London, has quickly grown in popularity thanks to its delicious scents and tangible results.

This skincare brand is committed to making products that do not cost the earth or your health. Its sugar and salt scrubs leave the skin soft, glowing and smelling amazing for the mere price of £4.99.

Such is Nina’s dedication to producing topnotch products, she even makes body scrubs from certain fruits when they are in season. They are packaged beautifully and gives off gorgeous scents of fruits including blackberry, strawberry and banana.

Perfect for all seasons and skin types, this gentle exfoliating scrub contains sugar and salt beads which buff away dead skin cells to help purify the skin, without that harsh scratching that you tend to get with other inexpensive brands.

The thick gel-like substance feels like it will be really sticky to apply, like honey filled with sugar grains. However, carefully massaged onto skin, the beads do not scratch and the consistency is not sticky at all.

After rinsing you will be surprised with the result, as if your skin had undergone a deep cleanse, leaving it smoother and more radiant. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed and not dried out or angry-looking in any way.

The combination of the fruit and sugar/salt gel works together to leave skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised. Made from a wide variety of fruits it is a perfect fit for anyone suffering with dry skin. Nina claims that her scrubs are known to help skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Urticara, Keratosis Pilarius, ingrowing hairs and more.

How To Use

Wet the skin and apply the scrub using circular motions and leave it on a little longer for a deeper clean. Include it in your body skincare regime at least twice a week for the best results.

Scrubz Of London
Scrubz Of London

Scrubz Of London Natural Body Scrubs are available to purchase on Facebook.


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