The Colour Issue 2



Autumn is the perfect time for the Colour Issue. However, the focus is not only on colour but on people of colour. The issue addresses the issue of labels such as Black, Brown, BAME, and POC and the potential offence caused by these terms. While the term POC can exclude non-Afro-Caribbean individuals, it also offers a sense of solidarity among non-white individuals and acknowledges their shared experiences of discrimination. The magazine discusses the daily struggles people face due to the colour of their skin. In this regard, the issue features commentary on “How To Survive The Corporate World While Black.” On a lighter note, we also celebrate the season’s vibrant colours and explore how to choose colours that suit different skin tones. Moreover, the issue features an extraordinary work of art by JP Mika that is both vibrant and nostalgic. Finally, JP talks about his work and the psychological effects of colours.

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