The Future Issue 3: Back Issue

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This month, our collective of entrepreneurs share editorial space with two important leaders of ‘blue ocean’ businesses. Percy Miller, aka Master P, leads the issue in First Word on page page 10, outlining his blueprint for success. Olivier Laouchez, Founder of multimedia brand Trace, headlines in our new business section on page 75.

Both are great examples of how a minority owned business could leverage unique differences and talents to identify untapped market spaces. Perhaps they will inspire more mainstream organisations to mindfully use the power of diversity to grow new markets.

On page 25, we talk to Nana Offoriatta Ayim, author of The God Child, about her powerful debut book and why she thinks Ghana is making waves on the global front. This, the ‘Year of Return in Ghana’ sees the tourism authority expecting revenue to top $925 million, a 50 per cent increase from 2018. Ghana certainly has firmly placed itself on the map as a cultural hotspot.


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The Future Issue 3: Back Issue