Volume 6: Community Issue




KOL Social ‘s community issue presents an alternative photographic view of the world and includes features on scarifications and the pain of cultural appropriation; challenges on notions of identity; actress Nina Toussaint-White on how BLM has sparked tough conversations; an interview with Brixton’s award-winning writer, Alex Wheatle MBE; a report on the plight of asylum seekers in Calais and details of how authoritarian regimes across Asia are being confronted by restive populations. Also, expect to find the usual favourites: culture, beauty, fashion and lifestyle. + Free Supplement Voice4Change England (V4CE) launches cover controversial topics such as the Windrush scandal and immigration.

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Cover Story

Shifting the Gaze

Photographer Alejandro Cegarra, known for his compelling work on human rights issues. Awarded the 2024 World Press Photo Long-Term Project Award for his project “The Two Walls,” which began in 2018, Cegarra aims to shatter stereotypes about desperate Mexican migrants by documenting their journeys with respect and sensitivity. Through his powerful images, Cegarra captures the resilience and agency of migrants navigating perilous conditions as they travel on freight trains known as “The Beast” to reach the United States border.

A migrant walks over a freight train known as the beast as he arrives at Piedras Negras, in Piedras Negras, Oct 8, 2023.
The wreck of a traditional Mauritanian fishing boat known as a pirogue, also used by migrants to reach Spain’s Canary Islands, sits on a beach near Nouadhibou, Mauritania, Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)


Raising the Dead

Pulitzer Prize-winning visual journalists Felipe Dana and Renata Brito conducted a two-year investigation that shed light on the plight of disappeared African migrants, a project that earned them significant acclaim. Their investigation, titled “Adrift,” meticulously traced the journeys of these migrants, often focusing on those who vanished while attempting the perilous Atlantic crossing from Africa to Europe.


Fallen From State

In Machuca Valley, the Los Acuáticos community steadfastly preserves an ancient way of life, resisting modern conveniences and globalization. Nestled in a remote region, this community adheres to traditional practices that have been passed down through generations. Nuria López Torres unmasks Cuba’s isolated community that clings to an age-old way of life

Volume 11 - Nuria
Volume 11 - Ab Art

Arts & Culture

Black & White in Colour

Ivorian artist Aboudia, his work heavily influenced by street culture and graffiti, on his rising prominence in contemporary art. Aboudia, whose real name is Abdoulaye Diarrassouba, surpassed well-known artists like Damien Hirst and Banksy by selling the most pieces at auction the previous year, with 75 lots sold, including one canvas that fetched £504,000 ($640,000).

Travel & Sustainability

The Ancestral Routes

Botswana’s best-kept secret – the zebra migration. Botswana’s best-kept secret is the spectacular zebra migration. Each year, thousands of zebras embark on this remarkable journey, traversing the vast plains of the country. This natural phenomenon, often overshadowed by the more famous wildlife migrations, highlights the beauty and diversity of Botswana’s ecosystems and offers a unique and unforgettable experience for those fortunate enough to witness it.

Sept 28 2021


Green Gold

Susi Smither, the visionary behind The Rock Hound in East London, creates exquisite ethical jewelry using responsibly sourced gemstones and Fairtrade gold. Her commitment to fair wages and sustainable practices supports local miners and farmers globally, ensuring their upliftment and fostering a more equitable industry.

Volume 6: Community Issue



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