Silencio Restaurant: Taste of Parisian Innovation

In the vibrant district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, a chic new destination is set to spark excitement in the heart of Parisians and international jet-setters alike. Silencio, the brand reshaping Parisian hospitality for over a decade, is set to launch its newest gem, Silencio des Prés. Following the triumphs of the flagship venue in Montmartre and the Ibizan beachside sensation, El Silencio, the newest addition to the Silencio family, opened its doors earlier this month, brimming with promise and panache.

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Silencio des Prés, located in the 6th arrondissement, a neighbourhood that has been a historic melting pot of bohemian creativity and intellectual discourse, will comprise a sumptuously designed restaurant, a 360-degree cinema, an event space, and a terrace for sun-kissed rendezvous. This multi-faceted venue is the brainchild of Silencio’s founder, Arnaud Frisch. He envisions the new locale as a space that both honours the historical richness of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and infuses it with a fresh, forward-thinking spirit.

“We don’t want to be nostalgic. It is about keeping the spirit of a building alive and then doing something innovative with it, for now,” Frisch asserts. True to this vision, the team behind Silencio des Prés is made up of creatives who are renowned for their innovative edge.

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Guillaume Sanchez, the acclaimed chef behind the new restaurant, is one such trailblazer. His ethos of pushing the boundaries while respecting the planet and the people who cultivate its produce promises an exciting and conscious culinary experience. With ingredients sourced from ten small-scale producers, the restaurant’s menu will echo the seasonality and vibrancy of its surroundings.

Accompanying the gastronomic delights will be an innovative cocktail menu curated by Remy Savage, whose name rings familiar in high-end mixology. His unique creations will surely complement the enticing flavours delivered by Sanchez’s kitchen.

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Interior Design

However, the experience extends beyond taste and aroma. The architectural design of the venue is in the deft hands of Studio KO. Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty, the duo behind Studio KO, have imbued spaces from Los Angeles to London with their elevated comfort and sophistication. Their design prowess will find a new expression in the heart of Paris at Silencio des Prés. A taste of their craft is already generating buzz, with Louis Vuitton’s head of menswear, Virgil Abloh, documenting his admiration for their signature, bespoke carpet design by Pierre Frey during a recent visit.

Moreover, the iconic Parisian duo M/M (Paris) are behind the venue’s graphic identity, elegantly solving the naming conundrum for Frisch and enhancing the overall aesthetic experience. Specialised ceramicists Marion Graux, Camille Esnée and artists Suzie Lapierre D’Argy (Forma) were commissioned to craft unique tableware, adding an artisanal touch to the dining experience.

Yet, Silencio des Prés is more than the sum of these elements. Each Silencio venue is a ‘factory of ideas,’ a social hub for serendipitous encounters, intellectual exchanges, and the incubation of inspiration. The venues have always been seen as nurturing grounds where business can transform into pleasure, and the seemingly impossible can morph into reality.

Silencio des Prés is poised to continue this legacy, promising a space that fosters creativity and collaboration while delivering a world-class culinary experience and unique cultural events.


In the spirit of Silencio’s established tradition, Silencio des Prés will also host a curated programme of events, ensuring the venue will be as lively as it is delicious. A selection of cutting-edge film screenings, avant-garde live music, thought-provoking talks, and exciting exhibits will grace the space. This cultural dynamism will reaffirm the spot’s reputation as a sophisticated, modern-day salon for artists and thinkers alike.

And when the sun sets, the terrace will transform into a captivating evening hangout. With views overlooking the picturesque streets of the Saint-Germain-des-Prés, it promises to be a hotspot for summer soirées and romantic dinners under the stars. The aesthetics of the space, coupled with its innovative and varied offerings, will mark a new chapter for the beloved district.

Amidst a city renowned for its timeless charm and perpetual evolution, Silencio des Prés effortlessly weaves threads of history, innovation, and social connection. It seems destined to become an essential fixture in the Parisian landscape.

“We want to propose something new,” Frisch insists, “A place where you can feel at home, be yourself, and maybe be surprised.” The surprise was worth the wait. This locale promises an enchanting journey of taste, sight, and sound—an embodiment of the chic Parisian spirit in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

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