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Spring/ Summer 2019 Sunglasses Trends | Women

Looking for Spring/ Summer 2019 sunglasses for women? Check out the hottest spring/ summer 2019 sunglasses trends from the fashion shows. As the Spring-Summer 2019 season approaches, the world of women’s eyewear is on the brink of a thrilling evolution. This upcoming period is set to be a canvas for an array of trendsetting sunglasses, each promising to redefine the contours of fashion. What’s emerging is not just a change in style but a revolution in how sunglasses are perceived as an integral element of personal style and expression.


Spring/ Summer 2019 Sunglasses Trends

The season is expected to be marked by a notable trend towards oversized sunglasses. This look blurs the lines between functionality and fashion statement and is anticipated to be bold and dramatic. Designers such as Dior, Tom Ford, and Gucci are spearheading this movement, crafting pieces that are larger than life and push the boundaries of traditional eyewear design. These pieces are set to move beyond their utilitarian role, becoming a definitive aspect of the wearer’s style.

In a colourful departure from the past, the upcoming season will likely embrace frames in various hues. Moving away from the traditional palette of black and brown, this trend is a nod to a more playful and vibrant aesthetic. It reflects a broader movement in fashion towards individuality and self-expression.

Expect to see sunglasses in olive green, red, yellow, and other vivid colours, designed to coordinate with various outfits and styles. This trend is about making a statement with colour and is expected to be seen in collections from designers like Prada and Sally LaPointe.

The classic cat-eye sunglasses will continue their reign, albeit with a contemporary twist. Brands like Saint Laurent and H&M are anticipated to reinterpret this timeless design, offering variations that range from subtly elegant to bold and edgy. This indicates a trend towards blending the nostalgic charm of the cat-eye with modern design sensibilities, appealing to a broad spectrum of tastes.

Another notable trend is the resurgence of rectangular sunglasses, a throwback to the 90s. This style is expected to evolve from the micro sizes of the past to more practical, larger silhouettes. Designers like Balenciaga and Gucci will likely play a significant role in this revival, experimenting with materials and proportions to create a perfect blend of retro and contemporary.

The iconic aviator sunglasses are also predicted to make a strong comeback, with modern updates that make them more relevant than ever. Designers experiment with slimmer frames and tinted lenses, offering a fresh take on this classic style. Brands like Ray-Ban, Quay, and Victoria Beckham are poised to lead this trend, bringing a contemporary flair to the time-honoured aviator design.

For those who love a touch of glamour, the season sees a rise in blinged-out sunglasses. This trend, embodied by Givenchy and Miu Miu collections, is all about luxury and opulence. Expect to see sunglasses with jewel-encrusted frames, adding a touch of extravagance to the wearer’s ensemble.

Futuristic designs make a statement, with brands like Stella McCartney and 3.1 Phillip Lim at the forefront. This trend is about pushing the boundaries of traditional eyewear, offering sporty, shield-like designs that are perfect for blending with feminine and athleisure looks.

Lastly, the revival of big square lenses, reminiscent of the 70s, is anticipated. This trend, championed by brands like Dior and Gucci, is expected to merge the nostalgic appeal of the past with the boldness of the present.

The Spring-Summer 2019 season for women’s sunglasses is shaping to be a diverse and dynamic showcase. From oversized frames to colourful lenses, classic aviators to futuristic designs, the trends promise something for every fashion enthusiast. These upcoming styles are not just about protecting the eyes from the sun but about making a statement, showcasing personality, and embracing individuality in fashion.

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