Star Sign Makeup & Skincare Guide: Scorpio

Singer Willow Smith is a typical Scorpio woman (October 23 – November 21). Although this is a sign that is generally associated with sexuality, it is not usually society’s traditional image of beauty and desirability, but rather an indescribable extra something in a person.

There is no doubt that there is an obsessional, mysterious quality about Willow’s appearance. Like her fellow Scorpions, she has an air about her that proves the idea that beauty comes from within that draws people in. Confident and proud, she is eccentric in a way that other signs fear to tread.

American Music Awards 2018
Tracee Ellis Ross at the American Music Awards 2018 at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, CA
The Physical Traits Of A Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman is typically blessed with good looks. She usually has an angular shaped face with strong facial features and a strong chin or jawline. She commonly has piercing, hypnotic eyes, a striking nose and small ears. She often has a lean and slender body.

Scorpio Beauty Tips

Scorpios such as  American singer, actress and dancer Willow Smith have nicely arched eyebrows. Some women under this star sign may have shaggy eyebrows so keep them well shaped without over-grooming.

With a face that typically has sharp, defined angles,  a softer, natural brow shape would suit you best. Use a spoolie brush to comb the hairs in the direction that they naturally grow.

Brush the hairs at the front part of the brow up, then trim a  small amount at the top, leaving your natural shape untouched.

Preserve your flawless skin by routinely cleansing and moisturising your face, at least twice a day, including in the morning before you apply your makeup and at night before you go to bed.

Ensure that perfect pout by keeping your lips hydrated with a good balm, applying regularly or under your favourite lipstick as a base. Exfoliate both your face and your lips twice a week to remove dead skin cells for a healthy glow and to remove dry skin, respectively.

Scorpio Makeup Tips
Scorpio Willow Smith

Scorpio women are perfectionists when it comes to applying their make up and will take time to get it right. Just as well, as she typically likes to make a statement. She should make the most of her seductive and mysterious air by focusing on your hypnotic eyes with the cat-eye or smokey-eye makeup. Apply with thin strokes from the outside corner inwards for a sleek cat-eye look. Experiment with colours to find shades that suit your skin tone to create classic, alluring smokey eyes. Alternatively, try your hand at cool metallic eyeshadows to match your stunning personality. Scorpio women tend to have strong eyebrows. Frame the eyes by using eyebrow powder or pencil to strongly define.

Celebrity Scorpio Women: Model Kendall Jenner, American singer, record producer, songwriter and actress. Ciara; American actress, singer and dancer Willow Smith; American actress, producer, host Tracee Ellis Ross; American actress Whoopi Goldberg; Indian tennis star Sania Mirza; American actress, singer, and dancer Janel Parrish; The 66th Secretary of State of the U.S Condoleezza Rice; American Actress and Model of Puerto Rican Nadine Velazquez; Model Arianny Celeste; British violinist Vanessa Mae

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