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Best Makeup Primers For Different Skin Types

Choosing the best contour products and accessories is not an easy task. Luckily, we have you covered. Get the best contouring products and accessories for your makeup routine here.

Star Sign Makeup & Skincare Guide: Leo

Nobility, drama, warmth. It should be the easiest thing in the world to recognise a Leo (23 July – 22 August )from out of a crowd. Sometimes it is.

Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE

KOL Cosmetics Debuts At Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE!

Join the KOL Cosmetics team (see photos below!) and special guests at Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE. KOL Cosmetics will be exhibiting their products at Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE 2018: the biggest hair and beauty experience for the woman of colour.

From popular and well-known brands to upcoming brands, you will be able to interact with the people who can help you to get the most out of your favourite product.


Star Sign Makeup & Skincare Guide: Taurus

British fashion model Adwoa Aboah is a feminist activist who also happens to be a Contributing Editor to British Vogue. It is no surprise that this typical Taurus woman lives in a world where appearance is everything! And check out that flawless skin!


Star Sign Skincare & Makeup: Virgo

No matter what look Beyonce adopts, she always makes a serious impact. Whether she is wearing full blown makeup or not. Hardly surprising for this…